The Post-Workout Guide: 'Things to do

The Ideal Workout session does not end after the last rep or the last lap on the treadmill. Just like you need to take care of a few essentials before every session, a few very important factors constitute the post-workout routine that you absolutely need to follow. Your personal trainer must have provided you with the needful directives on how to go about your business after the end of every workout session before leaving the gym. If not, here is what you need to do.

Cool Down Exercises & Stretching

Once you are done with your muscle training or cardio session, your heart is beating at a faster rate. The idea is to bring down the heart rate and this can be achieved by cool down exercises. A light jog or a walk can do the trick. After a workout, you must see to it that you indulge in stretching while the muscles are still warm. Your certified personal trainer must have explained to you the significance of stretching before the cooling down of the muscles. This is because the muscle contracts while cooling down and trying to loosen it up at this stage might lead to injuries. Muscles generally take around 35-40 minutes to cool down. At least 5-10 minutes of stretching after every workout is more than handy.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Depending on the length and magnitude of your workout session, you need to replenish yourself by keeping yourself hydrated. Longer and more intense the session, more the amount of fluids that have been used up in your body. Now you obviously need to restore the levels of lost fluids in order to prevent yourself from any kind of weakness and dehydration. Thus, it is important to ensure that you are always keeping yourself hydrated by drinking enough water.

Tracking Progress

A very significant aspect of the workout is knowing what progress you are making. This will serve as a good reality check and will help you in understanding how effective or ineffective your present workout routine is. With the advent of several mobile apps and advanced devices like fitbit, measuring calorie burns and improvement tracking has become quite easy. You might want to share the data with your fitness coach for accurate interpretation and a thorough understanding. It must be understood that it’s best to track progress on a regular basis for the most effective understanding of the transition of your body.

A Shower and Fresh Clothes are an imperative

Hygiene is important, and we need to ensure it for ourselves. After we are done with our workout, you must have noticed your personal trainer directing you to the change room straight away. An immediate shower is important as it will help to keep the germs away, that you might acquire out of using the common gym equipments and others. People perspire and the extracts can be found on the equipments. Diseases can be contaminated as a result. It’s also very important to make sure that you change your existing pair of clothes into fresh ones, especially the underwears. Unchanged clothes wet with our body sweat traps moisture which can lead to the growth of bacteria, fungus and other germs that can detrimental to our skin. Hence, a full body shower followed by a change of clothes is a must.

Eat For Complete Recovery

If you wish to attain complete recovery after every workout session, then it would be a wise thing not to skip meals. Eating optimum amounts of food is necessary to refuel your body and prevent muscle pain and soreness. It is very important to eat something within 40 minutes (Max) after every workout session. Now that does not mean that you eat whatever you want. Consult a certified nutrition specialist and he will tell you that a perfect balance of protein and carbs have to be maintained. Among the most popular things that you might want to resort to would comprise of a mix of eggs, orange juice, brown rice, quinoa, bananas, almonds, salmon, chicken, etc. If the focus is on losing weight, then the target intake of the post-workout meal would be 200 calories with a ratio of 1:1 of carbs to protein. Thus, eating is important.

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