Lindon, Utah- For Every Body, a Lindon-based candle and air freshener manufacturer, has joined a growing number of U.S. corporations who are using corporate health and wellness programs as incentives for workers to improve their health and boost employee productivity.

“We feel great,” product developer Sue Radi said. “When you feel good about yourself, it’s a lot easier to come to work and do your job.”

In May, the company wrapped up its own version of NBC’s fitness reality TV show, The Biggest Loser. Nearly 40 For Every Body employees signed up to participate in the intra-office challenge to shed the most pounds. Participants weighed in on the first and last day of the contest, but many weighed in more frequently to track their progress.

“The Biggest Loser contest was a lot of fun,” Justin Hayes, an engineer who lost 40 pounds in the four- month contest, said. “Everybody came together as one big team, motivating each other to exercise, eat healthy, and loose weight.”

For Every Body has a budding list of health initiatives they have begun over the past few years. Most recently, the Walking Club gets people outside the office on their lunch hour to exercise. Participants say the short walk with their co-workers helps to break up the workday and refocus for the afternoon.

This year, the company joined Draper City’s initiative to get residents to be more healthy and active. For Every Body handed out free pedometers and encouraged employees to walk at least 10, 000 steps every day. The company also participated in Weight Watcher’s “At Work” program, helping employees who want to get healthy by paying half of the costs associated with the 12-week program.

“Healthy employees means great benefits for us down the road,” Cory Robison, HR director said. “These wellness initiatives are a small price to pay to for what we get in return as a company.”

About For Every Body

For Every Body is one of the fastest growing premium fragrance product companies in the United States. It owns and operates one manufacturing plant in the U. S. and an extensive Asian supply chain. It has been named on the MountainWest Capital Network’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies list for the past five years. The company sells products across the U. S. and internationally. It also runs retail stores in Utah. For Every Body’s products include candles, air fresheners, and home décor and bath and body products. Products are produced for 88 retail chains and 6,457 Independent chains including Kohl’s, Jo Ann Fabrics and Crafts, Home Depot, Ross, TJ Maxx, Lowe’s, and Zellers.

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Source by Erin Hadfield