The Balance Board

A balance board is a piece of equipment which is used for fitness exercises and athletic training. Its main concern is to improve the user’s balance, coordination skills and weight distribution. This is a popular device for athletes of all sports and for those who undergo rehabilitation after an injury. The balance board is made up of a platform on where the user can step on. The platform is attached to an unstable stand. When the user stands on the platform he keeps his balance to stay up the board. The balance board comes in four different types. These boards move in fairly different intensities and direction patterns depending on the board type that will be chosen to be used.

There are basically four types of balance boards, these are the rocker board, the wobble board, the rocker and roller board and the sphere and ring board.

The rocker board is the most basic form of the balance board. Its construction is simple. A bar is attached across the bottom of the board. More like a rocking chair concept, the user can find the center of his balance by putting his feet on an end to end position on the board. The tilt area of the board is just on a side to side basis.

The wobble board is constructed in such a way that its main purpose and concept is to “wobble”. The board is circular in shape with a semi sphere under the center part of the board. With this design, the board is allowed to make rotations in a wider range, allowing its tilt area to be both forward and backwards and sideways.

The rocker and roller board is a higher version of the rocker board because instead of the rocker’s fixed pivot under side gear, it is replaced with a cylindrical roller making it possible for the board to tilt sideways as the user’s weight hits the area.

The sphere and ring board is the most flexible among all the balance boards ever made. The underside is attached to a sphere which is in a ball like form making it have the most freedom of movements possible. The stopper of the ball is the ring, when the ball hits any part of the ring, its stops rolling. The bigger the ring, the wider will be the freedom of tilts and movements possible.

The balance board is not only for fitness purposes but also for the use of rehabilitation aids for children and adults alike.

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