Don’t go by the name – the ThighMaster does much more than help you tone your thighs. It helps you tone those other parts of the body we find most difficult to manage and you just can’t miss the shapelier, sexier you emerging. The exercises are simple and can be performed easily.

Let’s look at some of them.

Once you have got the green signal from your doctor, start slowly. Initially, you may experience some soreness but that disappears as you continue exercising. Starting with a few minutes a day, work yourself up to 20-30 minutes for excellent results. One thing you must remember: each time you release the ThighMaster in any of the exercises, let it return slowly to its open position, but resist the return!

Ready? You’ve warmed up, so let’s go.

For your Inner Thighs:

For the first and most famous exercise, sit forward on a straight backed chair, placing your feet together. Hold the ThighMaster between your knees and make sure that the yellow cap points downward. Place one hand over each handle to keep it in place. Now, using your thighs, squeeze the handles together.

For your Chest and Breasts:

Resting both your forearms against the handles of the ThighMaster hold it so that the yellow cap is just before your chin and the handles point down to the floor. Press your elbows as close together as possible and squeeze.

For your Upper Body:

Hold the ThighMaster in both hands, and gradually lift and lower it, all the while flexing the coil as you move from one position to the other.

For your Stomach:

This never fails. Lying on the floor, keep your knees bent but together, with your feet flat on the floor. Hold one handle of the ThighMaster firmly between your thighs, and holding the other before your face, making sure that the yellow cap is pointing upward. Now, lifting your shoulders a few inches off the ground, bring your upper body toward your lap. Make sure to keep your lower back pressed into the floor and hold your tummy in. Remember to exhale as you raise yourself and to inhale each time you lie back.

For your Upper Back:

Place one of the handles flat against your left side, with the yellow cap pointing up and your left forearm resting on the other handle. Holding the ThighMaster with the right hand, press your left forearm downward toward your hip with the inside of the elbow. Now, do the same thing on the right side.

Once you have completed your routine cool down with five minutes of stretching all the muscles you have worked out. Hey, you look great! And feel great, I bet!

Source by Aditi Miscall