Sports and Society

Sports are an essential part of pop culture, in the United States and around the world. It’s almost impossible to quantify just how influential sports have been on everything we do.

Sports analogies are the norm, as are sports terms and catch phrases. People talk about sports, even when they’re not actually talking about sports directly.

Sports bars are common everywhere. People who love sports and love to hang out and have a good time can’t resist getting together in public or at each other’s homes to watch the big game!

In the US, football has basically replaced baseball as the national pastime. Soccer is very popular around the world (and is called football in some countries). Tennis, golf, hockey, polo, racing, and many other sports are also widely enjoyed.

Why is it that people love sports so much? Is it the hype in the media? Is it the activity involved, the physical movement? Is it the competitive nature of sports? Is it the adrenaline rush people get when they play and watch sports? Is it the connection people feel to each other and the camaraderie that results when people partake in sports activities together?

Just what is it that makes sports so popular, so infectious, and so influential? Why are people so drawn to them? Most likely it is a combination of all of the aforementioned reasons, and perhaps a few others.

One thing that makes sports so eternal is that they are just plain fun. It’s fun to play and fun to watch sports. That is undeniable. Even before we can speak, most people like to play and kick balls around. It’s almost as if sports are hardwired in the human psyche.

The same can be said for things like enjoyment of movies, music, and dancing. It’s likely that everyone is hardwired on some level to almost instinctively feel drawn to entertainment. It’s also likely that this “hardwiring” is not necessarily all genetic either; it’s also probable environmental factors are at play as well.

What’s great about sports is that the concept can be applied to many other things. People can discuss things like politics, entertainment of all types, and even religion and make a “sport” out of the whole act of conversing.

What it comes down to is that we all love to communicate and interact with each other and our world, including nature, animals, technology, etc. We are very thankful to have a chance to live and experience, whether we acknowledge that readily on our bad days or not.

In the back of everyone’s mind is the fact that this adventure of being alive is an amazing blessing and gift. Perhaps it would behoove us all to remember that each time we do anything we enjoy, whether that’s sports, movies, music, cooking, reading, creating, partaking in other things, or otherwise. Perhaps we would have a thousand more reasons to smile, millions of reasons to want to live a million more years here on God’s grain earth.

It’s food for thought. If you grasp it, perhaps life itself can become a home run or touchdown for you and those around you!

Source by Gabriel Adams

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