Precor treadmills are manufactured by Precor, a company that specializes in fitness equipment for the home and commercial environment. Precor has been manufacturing treadmills for the home environment since 1984 and for the commercial environment since 1990.

Precor treadmill models are renowned in the fitness industry for their quality and high customer satisfaction. Precor treadmills are known for their stability, cushioning, pace accuracy, and motor noise levels. Precor treadmill models range in price from about $2,200 to $4,000 with options for workout programs varying from machine to machine.

Precor treadmill models are suitable for serious competitive runners. Precor bills a few of its treadmills as entry level which makes their usage suitable for serious runners.

Precor treadmill models sold for home use are guaranteed by a 10-year warranty on parts, lifetime coverage on the frame and welds and one year on labor. Considering the industry standards, this is an excellent warranty package.

Precor treadmills include reversible running deck, integrated foot plant technology to balance individual and ground effects control system to cushion joints. This makes the Precor treadmills solid. Precor treadmills rate well with users.

The main strength of Precor treadmills includes warranty, solid & quality construction and customer satisfaction.

The only issue of concern while buying a Precor treadmill is the price. Compared to other treadmill brands, Precor treadmills are vastly overpriced.

Precor offers 3 treadmills for home use viz Precor treadmill M9.31, Precor treadmill M9.33 and Precor treadmill M9.35.

The Precor treadmill model M9.31 is considered as an entry-level machine. It costs about $3,000. This Precor treadmill model offers a 2.75 horsepower, continuous duty motor and a maximum speed of 11 miles per hour. It does not provide a heart rate gauge nor does it fold.

The Precor treadmill M9.33 costs about $3,500. This model offers a 2.75 horsepower, continuous duty motor, a running surface of 57 x 20 inches and an 11 mile per hour maximum speed. It features 13 preset work out programs, a heart rate monitor, two user profile options and a maximum incline of 15%.

The Precor treadmill M9.35 model is considered as the top model of the Precor’s treadmill line ups. This treadmill model costs about $4,000. It offers 18 preset workout programs, heart rate monitor, folding option for storage, profile options for up to 4 different users and 3HP motor.

In addition to home use models, Precor treadmill products are available for commercial use. Remanufactured Precor treadmills cost high and usually have a price range of about $5,000 – $6,000.

Precor treadmills are solidly built. They are quality treadmills. Precor treadmills cost high, so users normally prefer other brands like Smooth. Precor treadmill is a high quality and luxury machine. Precor treadmill is ideal for serious runners and trainers.

Source by Saurya Ghosal