If anyone has ever played the game of tennis, he knows that no matter how fast and how strong he is, if he not concentrates the game then he will be loses the game. This is correct for players fresh to the game and for tennis players those are playing tennis for many years. If anyone plays a successful game of tennis, he needs to be not only mentally fit but also physically fit.

Physical fitness, mental fitness fits into the four categories: strength, flexibility, speed and quickness. The first important part is strength. It’s a purely physical concept when anyone looks at strength. Strength is one which is able to provide strong fitting in the time of time pf emotional pressure.

The next part is flexibility. Physical flexibility allows any player to get into different sites to react to whatever shot is being sent his way. Mental flexibility is also does the same way, though in place of being able to stretch his body, he can stretch his mind. At the moment of flexibility he could look as inventiveness and the ability to control his emotions all through the game.

Another part of mental fitness is speed. Speed is allows any player to react speedily to each shot, attainment its goal in plenty of time to back the ball effectively. Mental speed allows his mind to move speedily and keep on at pace with the game.

Quickness is the final part of mental fitness. As a physical trait it refers to the capability to run, stay and change direction speedily without forfeiting control

Any player has regardless of how physically expert at the game of tennis, and regardless of how physically fit he is, his mental state plays an important roll in his implementation of the game. Everybody has learned to “get your head in the game”, he will see outstanding improvements in his performance.

Source by prachi ahmed