Goal Setting to Push Your Fitness Limits

My name is Chris and I want people to break through their walls and push the limits by which they live.

I’m here today to tell you that there is a very easy way to get what you want in any aspect of your life.

Goal Setting

I know this works because I have done it, I’m still doing it.

Going back 7 years or so, just after the birth of my first son I was putting on weight. (not in a good way)

I was not exercising and I was eating. I was becoming more and more unfit as time went on.

My excuses ranged from, I have no time because of the baby and work and commuting. Basically everything in life was a barrier.

So here I am at 15.5 stone. One word fits all here (Moobs)

Suffice it to say I looked 15.5 stone here.

More importantly I felt it.

I was tired all the time, out of breath quickly if I had to exert myself at any point.

And I knew this was the worst example I could set my son.

So one day I looked at my self in the mirror and imagined how I used to look when I worked out and decided it was time to be there again and set an example for my son to follow.

How… I set a goal.

I saw an advert on the TV for a work out programme that would help me get back in shape and do it quickly. I purchased it because I knew that if I spent the money I would use it. (Because I’m tight ha ha)

My Goal: Lose 2 stone in 60 days.

So I did it. The programme was a 60 day workout programme with a meal plan and set of workout DVD’s.

I committed to getting up at 5 am every day and smashing out one of the craziest workout’s I had ever done. As specially inside the house.

I weighed myself only 30 days and could not believe what I saw.

Here it is 13 stone (No Moobs)

I felt great and had so much energy.

It was all made possible because I set a goal and followed it through.

You need to find out what your Motivation is, set a Goal and Commit.

I not only achieved my goal but I did it in half the time.

1. Find Your Motivation, why do you want to change, in order to change you need to know what drives you. For me it was setting a good example for my kids and improving what I was capable of. Write your motivation down.

2. Set Your Goal, it really is that simple. What do you want and when do you want it. Write your goal down

3. Go and Get it, you have to commit. Once you are in a routine and forming good habits it gets easier to do the work every day.

My advice is that you look at your motivation and your goal every day (that’s why you write it down). Keep it fresh in your head. Why do you want to change and What do you want.

The workout programme I used was Insanity, most people by now know what this workout programme is and know the man who created it, Shaun T.

However the proof is in the pudding and I don’t look back.

I still do a 60 day round of Insanity from time to time to test my limits, but since completing Insanity I also workout in other ways on a regular basis and it is all due to the good habits formed when I went through this programme.

Insanity is not expensive and is a change for life. I would recommend it to anyone at all who needs to set a fitness goal and achieve it quickly and at a fraction of the cost of an annual gym membership.

To sum it all up goal setting is the best way to achieve what you want. Not just in fitness but any aspect of your life.

Motivation, something has to drive the change. What is your why. Find that why.

Goal, what do you want and when do you want it. Put your goal up somewhere. Look at it every day, remind yourself of what you want.

Commit, plan how you will get what you want and do it. commit, it will get hard, you will have a hill to climb. I promise you though that if remind your self why you want it and what you want every day you will get it. In any aspect of life.

Get what you want.

Live a No Limits Life.

Source by Chris Lea

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