Working out can be quite draining on the body. Many athletes drink energy drinks or enhanced water in order to go that extra mile. The question is, are there any natural foods that we can consume in order to refuel our energy during or prior to a workout?

One way to refuel your energy naturally is by consuming a spoonful of honey. Honey contains a specific blend of carbs (fructose and glucose), which are superior to plain glucose at increasing energy during physically enduring activities. This particular product has equal parts of fructose and glucose along with antioxidants and vitamins. So the next time you want to reach for that cup of joe prior to your workout, think about enjoying a spoonful of honey instead.

Another beneficial energy booster is yogurt. It is a proven fact that constant training can take a toll on our immune system. That is why eating a bowl of yogurt can be very beneficial. The probiotics in yogurt can help us stay healthy so that we can maintain our fitness regimen. And the last energy boosting product is chocolate milk. This particular product is great at refueling your body after a strenuous workout. It has the same exact effects on an athlete’s body as majority of sports drinks. In a recent study among cyclist, those who drank chocolate milk were able to bike 50 % longer during the second bout of exercise than those who drank Endurox. The chocolate drinking cyclists were able to bike as long as the Gatorade drinking cyclists. Chocolate milk clearly offers great energy boosting properties along with essential carbs and protein. So if you are an athlete and you have been resorting only to caffeine as your means of energy, try one of these new energy boosters.

Source by Lauren S Johnson