Exercise Routines for Teens

Exercise Routines for Teens is one of the best things that a teen can do to his or her body. It will make the teen’s life get moving and a lot easier. It is one the most important thing that a teen wants nowadays. Following a strict exercise routine would alter the body composition and increase the ratio of the fat muscle. It will make a teenager feel more alert and better in general. Anything that keeps teens active and helps them stay active is a good thing. But before starting on an exercise routine for teens, consult with a doctor and decide on the best type of exercise a teen needs. Doctor is the good source to start a teen’s exercise routine.

Exercise like any other thing should be done in moderation. Experts recommend healthy teens to exercise for at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each day. Exercise should not be overdone as there is a possibility to injure oneself. Pain during workouts is one sign that the exercise is not properly done.

According to a study, American teens are in an alarming state. They are worse in physical shape than they were twenty years back. This is particularly alarming as these teens would grow into an over weight adults with heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and blood pressure. So in the present day, an exercise routine is in a dire need for teens.

Whenever teens slump in front of the television, their metabolism slows down. A typical American teen spends thirty hours in front of TV with high fat snacks. It is necessary to find a healthy life style and exercise routine for teens to get back into a healthy body.
Aerobic exercises are the best for teens. Aerobic exercise conditions the body to perform longer, quicker and more efficiently. It includes walking, running, swimming, skating, cycling, aerobic dancing and tennis. These are great exercises routines for teens. Teens should know the importance of workouts and exercises. They should keep in mind that over weightiness is a danger to the body and should start to come out of it slowly.

Exercise routines for teens should be made convenient. Running and walking are the easiest and the best way to start an exercise routine for teens. It does not cost much. Teens can get rid of their bellies by doing crunches. This will reduce their overall body fat by burning more calories.

Exercise routines for teens supplies teens with more energy. It would drive them with a kick and feel more energized than ever before. It will make them feel great physically. The progress would be truly dramatic every time the teen works out. So start exercising!

Source by Sushil Kumar Singh Raghav

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