Discard Your Exercise DVDs – Watch Fitness Videos Online Instead

As the world wide web gets more and more interactive and content rich, companies are beginning to utilise its digital environment more and more as a platform to launch new products and services. The fitness industry hasn’t been left behind in this rush to the desktop, reaching out to a new breed of gym rats – the sort who would prefer to work out in the comfort of their own home and on their own time. Some of these new fitness guru companies have been trying to drive a message into these people to do away with traditional media and come online to get a workout – ‘Discard Your Exercise DVDs – Watch Fitness Videos Online Instead.’

Now, before I dive right in, and consequently before you start rummaging through your DVD attic and start chucking them into the fire, let me explain to you exactly why online fitness videos are so much better. Now, most of the time, these online fitness videos are usually free of charge, as part of a larger guidance machine that covers the bases – nutrition, diet, weight lifting, resistance training and all sorts of aerobic, cardio-vascular exercises. This dynamic and holistic approach to fitness is a better alternative to the rigid permanency of DVDs. Buying a DVD doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a whole package, most of the time they will start of with a generic disclaimer saying, ‘Should be followed with a proper diet and nutrition programme’.

What sort? When? For whom?

DVD’s are about as personal as oak trees. They cater to the mass market and they usually enter the consumer field blind, deaf, dumb and mute, hooking you in with sweeping promises and toned bods printed bold on flashy DVD covers. Online fitness videos however, cater to the individual in a wider cyberspace context. You can choose what type of workouts and for what type of objectives, rather than buy a whole library of DVD’s and hope that there is something in the pile for you.

Fitness online videos are updated regularly and usually captained by several different fitness experts that give you a greater breadth of choice. Hey, you might even have a favourite and decide to stick to them religiously. The choice is entirely yours.

And do you know the best thing about fitness online videos? Their potential for interactivity. Forums and user groups are just some of the tools used so that you as the end user can give your two cents about the videos, ask advice and even give some tips. This is the ultimate deal maker for online fitness videos. The dynamic environment of the internet has allowed for a revolution of sorts. No more are you huddled in your living room following the mechanics of someone you have never met, or a celebrity who tells you 30 minutes a day will get you looking like him/her. Talk back, ask questions and gain valuable advice, all from just logging on and signing up.

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Source by Liam Murphy

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