A Cardio and Fat Burning Workout For Extreme Fitness

If you’ve been looking for something new to break out of a rut in your muscle building or fat burning workouts, eliminate the boredom, and bring on new results. Complex training may just be what you’ve been looking for.

Complexes work a huge amount of muscle in a short amount of time, and takes your muscle building and fat burning workouts to a new level of intensity. The conditioning benefits of doing complexes is amazing, it will push your cardio capacity to the max. This type of fat burning workout releases natural growth hormone which is responsible for building muscle and burning fat.

A complex is made up of two or more exercises done one right after the other for a specific number of reps with minimal rest. As an example you do 6 reps each of several exercises (usually anywhere from 2-8 exercises) one right after another and repeat the sequence several times.

You can do complexes with barbells, dumbbells, body weight exercises, kettlebells or a mix of any combination.

Complexes can be done as a total body muscle building and fat burning workouts, or you can do a complex for the upper and lower body separately (all three are useful methods and should be cycled into your training, as fat loss and muscle building come faster by changing your workouts every 4-5 weeks).

Doing the exercises of your complex once would be considered 1 set. In the beginning you will have to judge for yourself (based on your fitness level) how many sets you can do. As you improve over the next few weeks, you’ll do more sets (I normally work up to 6). The total amount of sets should be based on how many exercises you are doing.

Do not pick a weight that is too light where you can get a ton of reps and do not pick a weight that is too heavy where your form is horrible. Good exercise form is always important especially as you tire.

For a beginner I would suggest 2-3 exercises to start with.

You can also increase the intensity by reducing your rest time between sets or increasing the number of reps you perform on the exercises.

The Benefits Of Complex Training For Muscle Building And Fat Burning

Less Workout Time

No workout should take more than 20 minutes(depending on your rest time).

Lets check this out. We’ll do 6 exercises 6 reps each in our complex say 4 seconds per rep, 30 seconds rest(absolute max rest time), that’s 54 seconds per exercise times 6 equals 5 minutes and 40 seconds for one set.

Complexes aren’t easy. Rest only enough to move to your next exercise. You’ll work a ton of muscle and send your heart rate soaring. As you progress, you’ll do more sets and rest less, making for extremely effective and intense workouts.


Depending on your fitness level I suggest doing compexes 2-3 days a week. My workouts are 3 strength training workouts a week and 2 days of fat burning workouts using complexes. Workout with plenty of intensity and compound exercises you don’t need any more.

Burns More Calories

Use compound lifts with minimal rest, this will burn hundreds of calories. The recovery process your body will go through after each workout will raise your metabolism for a day or so afterward yes, you keep burning calories at an higher rate long after your workout is over. Studies have shown that the calories burned in the hours after a workout come largely from stored fat, as opposed to muscle or carbohydrates.

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