10 Sports Trivia Questions (answers at the bottom)

Hey sports fans,

This is a new article series that I’m going to begin, and if you like it, I’ll continue it.  Simple as that!  Here’s how it’ll all work.  Each time, I’m going to post 10 fresh sports trivia questions with the answers at the bottom.  This is obviously the most fun if you don’t google the answers yourselves, so try to use the honor’s system to make sure you’re figuring these answers out on your own.  All of these questions will be randomly selected from the sports trivia database at rootzoo.com, the largest collection of free sports trivia questions online.

And on that note, let’s start this now!

1.  What was the first year that the Tampa Bay Rays appeared in the MLB playoffs?

2.  Which NBA team plays at the Palace of Auburn Hills?

3.  Which NFL team won Super Bowl XL?

4.  How old was Sidney Crosby when he won his first NHL scoring title?

5.  Who does MSU compete against for the NCAA Football Megaphone Trophy?

6.  What is Wake Forest’s team name?

7.  In what year was tennis originally introduced as an Olympic sport?

8.  Liverpool’s Fernando Torres played for what international team in Euro 2008?

9.  True or False: If a ball a golf player believes to be his lies within a hazard, the golfer may lift and clean the ball to the extent necessary to identify it.

10. Dalip Singh is the real name of which professional wrestler?

Don’t peek!  The answers are below this…

Let’s see how you did.


1.  2008

2.  Detroit Pistons

3.  Pittsburgh Steelers

4.  19 years old

5.  Notre Dame

6.  Demon Deacons

7.  1896

8.  Spain

9.  False

10.  The Great Khali

Well I hope you enjoyed this.  I’ll be posting more of these since every sports enthusiast loves a little trivia.

Source by Marcus Robbins

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