One of the most painful chronic conditions to have is burning upper back pain. Many people who experience burning upper back pain swear they have been dealing with it either consistently for years or in steady flashes of off and on burning upper back pain.

No matter how long one has been dealing with burning upper back pain, it is not an enjoyable condition to live with. There are many causes for burning upper back pain, why you have it may fall into several different categories, but the root problem, sore joints and muscles is going to be the same problem for just about everybody.

In order to address how to relieve your burning upper back pain it is important to understand why you are continuously having it. For a small percentage of people it may be due to slipped disk or something concerning your spinal cord, but that likely is not the problem as that is a more common symptom associated with lower back pain. Of course falls, accidents, and/or other traumas your back may physically experience are going to cause a lot of pain as something may get slipped out of place.

If you have been in a car accident and that has caused an onset of pain you should have your back checked out by a chiropractor or doctor. However, you know if you have fallen off a roof lately, so if you haven’t put any undue stress on your back lately, than there is probably another cause of your burning upper back pain. Accidents that are serious can place pressure on your upper body joints and muscles, but since the area is better structured and protected, it would have to be a major accident to have created chronic burning upper back pain so you need to consider other reasons.

One big reason for constant burning upper back pain is gravity. Yes, believe it or not gravity may be playing a huge role in why your back is constantly paining you. The reason is not hard to figure out. Think about what you do for a living, many jobs now take place in office settings thanks to the advent of computers and more and more people are finding themselves sitting for hours on end in front of their computers.

Every time you lean over the keyboard to type, and if your job is in front of an office computer, chances are you do this for most of your day, you are placing extra stress on your spine. Your back was not designed to be leaning forward all the time as a body’s structure is built on the principle of being upright. Switching to a completely career, truck drivers and other people whose careers are based around driving also experience the same problems because people naturally tend to slump over a bit when driving for hours on end.

Since you cannot just change careers as a result of your burning upper back pain you should start doing exercises that flex and strengthen your muscles. It may not seem logical but exercise to stretch your burning upper back pain will help alleviate it at the time and help prevent it in the future.

Source by Patricia Stevens