Whoever Thought Pilates Could Help Relieve Back Pain

There is much skepticism associated with the fact that certain exercises can help relieve back pain. Most people who are weary are the ones who have been seeing a doctor for their pain and still are not experiencing relief. It is not uncommon for a doctor not to be able get rid of their patient’s back pain. The only thing they are good for is temporarily covering up the symptoms with addictive pain medication. It sounds harsh, but it is true and everyone knows it. No good can be done for someone who is taking medication. The most they are doing is just getting by.

Most people think to themselves, “Well, I am going to the doctor and he can’t even get rid of my pain, how can I expect Pilates to be able to get rid of it?” In order to understand how Pilates and stretching techniques work to get rid of your pain, you must first understand how back pain originates. Take for example, a car accident related back injury. Whether something landed on their back or was thrown from the car, they experienced a great impact or blow to the back. Something had to happen to cause the pain. Either a disk or slipped, was forced to bulge, or was herniated. Some people twist their backs completely out of alignment. When the back is injured, several things occur.

One of those things is that the nerves in the back and spine are usually affected in some way or another and the muscles surrounding the painful area also become inflamed. When the body experiences this type of pain, it becomes tense. There is lots of tearing and pulling involved as well. Pilates and stretching are a system of exercises that take all of the pain and pressure out of the back. It works to completely remove it altogether, not just alleviate the pain for a short while. When you are able to get to the root of your back pain, you are able to completely solve the problem.

The strength of the back is important to maintain throughout life. Pilates and stretching exercises add more and more strength to the back with each movement. While doing the exercises, you are also practicing deep breathing. It is almost like you are meditating while exercising. Pilates and stretch is a very relaxing activity. Since back pain is such a sensitive type of pain, it is understandable that people would doubt exercising as a means to getting rid of it. Pilates and stretch are just not any type of exercise. When you hear the word “exercise”, you probably picture someone lifting heavy weights and performing other vigorous activities. With Pilates, it is completely the opposite. Some movements are only 2 to 3 inches in diameter. There are no weights involved in these exercises. All you need is a mat, a Pilates DVD, and the patience to complete a 10-minute exercise session. After only one session, you are going to notice a huge difference in your range of motion and the way you feel.

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