Walking to Reduce Back Pain – Is this True?

Have you ever thought about walking to reduce your back pain? It is probably the last thing to cross your mind. Sitting in a chair, or lying in bed may seem like the best things to do.

By having the proper form while walking you can reduce, and even eliminate, your lower back pain and strengthen the muscles of your lower back.

There are many studies that support this. The results of one study found that walking 15 minutes on the treadmill lower back pain was reduced significantly. A different research study shows that lower back pain was reduced up to 50% after walking for a solid half hour.

But why does walking reduce back pain? – Walking help tone and strengthen your leg muscles which have a direct affect on your lower back. Strengthening your leg muscles will work to strengthen the muscles of your lower back. And the more toned your lower muscles are, the better support they provides to your spinal area.

– Walking releases what are called endorphins and serotonins which are chemicals that make you feel better.

– Walking is a form of distraction as you aim to balance yourself and work your way around objects. Distraction will help keep your mind off of the pain, when you are lying down you tend to be focused on your back pain.

However, walking with good posture, and with the proper technique will help reduce your back pain. Here is how…

– Stand up straight, avoid leaning forward. Leaning forward can induce back pain.

– Keep your head up, keep your eyes looking forward, approximately 15-20 feet ahead of you.

– To help you look forward, keep your chin up, which means the chin is parallel to the ground.

– Keep your stomach tight.

– Your arms should form a right angle, and your hands should be curled and relaxed.

– When you start waking your motion should consist of your heel striking the ground first. Then your foot should roll from hell to toe, pushing off with your toes.

MBT shoes correct your gait and cause you to walk with the proper technique naturally. These shoes designed to cause you to walk with the proper posture. The unique sole is not rounded, so your weight is distributed on your entire foot while forcing you to stand up straight – a very crucial posture in order to reduce back aches. If you are going to walk to reduce your back pain, make sure you have quality walking shoes.

Source by Ed Forteau

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