Upper Back Pain Causes

Upper back pain causes can be an extremely debilitating condition for various reasons. Probably the most common cause for this is arthritis, which affects many of us as we get older. Other common causes for this trouble could be a result of problems elsewhere in the body.

The diaphragm is a muscle that can never rest because it is used for breathing. However, it can be a cause for pain in the upper middle back region if it tightens for any reason. Tightening of the diaphragm results in the restriction of the rib cage movement, which is one of the main upper back pain causes.

Problems in this area can also be related to radiated pain from the neck or lower back. Although the upper and middle region of the back is probably the strongest part of the back, it can still become a victim of excessive muscle strain especially with regard to sports injuries.

Sports such as weightlifting, shot-put, discus and hammer throw our most commonly associated with the upper middle pain; and the reason why this is the case is because this region is the hardest to reach and even harder to stretch. Unlike the lower back area, pain in the upper middle region is not caused by incorrect posture, but rather due to the imbalances in the muscle workload. This means that one side of the back on average takes more strain than the other side, and it is this unbalance that results in the debilitating pain.

In order to address the situation, there are a few steps that need to be taken. The first step is to find the cause of the symptoms. In the case of an imbalance, it is important to identify which spinal imbalances are present and deal with the symptoms.

What Can We Do About It

The symptoms can be dealt with effectively by using ice or heat, pressure or anti inflammatory measures. Another effective way of dealing with upper back pain causes is Yoga, and the various poses can be used not only to alleviate the symptoms, but also to correct any muscle imbalances that contribute to this painful condition.

A great yoga pose to help relieve upper back pain causes is the Cat Stretch. Start off on your hands and knees and keep your back straight. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders and your fingers spread; while your knees should be directly under your hips. Keep your head loosened by looking directly at the floor and breathe in. As you exhale, arch your back upwards towards the ceiling and tuck your chin into your chest as if you are looking at your navel, while at the same time tucking in your tailbone.

Hold the pose for a while and then release. If you want to prevent or relieve upper middle back pain, then it is essential to keep practicing yoga poses as this will keep your back strengthened and supple.

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