Sciatica Pain Relief Discover How to Stop the Pain

The clinical diagnosis for the painful symptoms used to describe sciatica is radiculopathy. The excruciating pain is at times very debilitating. Suffers are severely limited in what that can do and feel like life is passing by them while they sit on the side lines.

Desperate to be free of the pain, I tried nearly everything on the market, but nothing worked. I bet you are currently going through what I have already experienced. In case no one has clearly told you this before, sciatica is caused by the movement of one of your discs in your vertebrae that exerts pressure on your sciatic nerve root.

For years I attempted to get rid of my sciatica. Heck, back then, I would have settled for just some relief from the pain. I was almost convinced to give it a try when my mind would quickly recall stories I had heard or read relating some poor soul’s horrible trauma caused by back surgery and then I would push myself back from the brink and refuse to have surgery.

If you are currently in a similar situation, I would suggest that you leave surgery as an absolutely last resort.Had I known then, during my quest to end my sciatic nerve pain, what I now know, I would not have suffered so long nor waste all the money I spent trying to get well.

Why is it that most doctors won’t tell you about the natural, targeted treatments out there, but will instead recommend surgery or drugs? We have all seen those ads by the pharmaceutical companies declaring that their drug will relieve allergies, headaches, or some other ailment. But then they give you a whole litany of side effects that the their drug causes. So while they claim to relieve your suffering from one problem, their drug may leave you with a host of other issues you never had before! Who wants that?! The best drugs can do is to temporarily mask the symptom, they don’t solve the problem producing the symptom/s. If you are like me, you won’t settle for temporary relief, you want the pain gone for good.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief
Drugs will not stop the disc from pressing on your sciatic nerve. When the anti-inflammatory properties of the drugs wear off, guess what, that same disc is still pressing on that same old nerve.

If you would like to discover how you can be permanently free from your sciatic nerve pain, then read my full story here to see how have been without pain for well over 6 years!

Sciatica Pain Relief

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