The most common and effective method of relieving the back pain is exercises. Some daily workout not only prevents the back pain and some prescribed back exercises may also help to relieve the pain. Some herbal remedies are also effective in this problem to relieve the back pain. At the times of back pain just relax and take rest.

Stretching is very important pre and post exercise program in relieving back pain for several reasons. Firstly it increases the flexibility, which facilitates the back to move through its natural range of motion painlessly and next it sends necessary nutrients to the tissue along the spine that keeps muscles from getting stiff and weak. Another reason is that it helps to prevent further injury to the back caused by over exercises.

Below are some stretching which could be helpful to relieve the back pain

1. Hamstring stretch: Leg stretch is one of the most useful stretching to relieve the back pain especially the upper leg which supports of the lower back. Lie on the back and bring the right knee close towards chest. Tie a towel around right foot, hold the two ends in each hand, and straighten the foot as far as possible. Repeat the same with left leg also

2. Complex hamstring stretches: While buttocks against wall, lie on the floor and place the foot up against the wall. Now try to push the knee straight one leg at a time.

3. Lower back stretch: Lie face down on the floor with hands on each side of head. With elbows on the ground, and feet shoulder width apart lift the body off the floor so that only forearms and toes are supporting and touching the ground. Slowly extend the right hand straight in front of you. Hold this position for few seconds and then change the hand.

4. Middle back stretch: Stand with feet apart, arms extended on sides to parallel to the floor, and knees bent. Gradually twist to the right side until stretch is felt in back. Do not jerk the movements or hold till the pain is felt to extent. Now hold on to the position taken and repeat the same for left side.

5. Upper back stretch: Be in the same position that was taken before for middle back stretches. Now interlock the fingers and extend the arms as far and as much away from the as possible. But one has to take care that the upper back is kept relaxed.

Source by Paul Hata