Poor Posture Linked to Back Pain on the Lower Right Side of the Body

Nobody wants to be experiencing back pain on the lower right side of their bodies, but the good news is that oftentimes there are easy reasons why back pain on the lower right side of your body exists and easy solutions to prevent it and eliminate it from coming back again in the future. In some small cases it may be due to a legitimate reason such as a slipped disk or a spinal cord problem, in most cases due to the fact it is back pain on the lower right side of you back, these are reasons or causes of high concern. Most likely, your posture should be blamed.

I’m sure you can remember your mother telling you over and over again in church or while you waiting someone else rather incessantly to “sit up straight.” No doubt you would slump back down again within a few seconds. Turns out you should have been listening better to your mother because now you developed the nasty habit and are paying for it. Posture plays a big role in back pain on the lower right side of your body because your bones and spinal cord were made to support your body when it is in straight alignment. When you slouch consistently throughout the day you are compressing your bones and spinal cord which is creating the back pain on the lower right side. Even worse, when you are experiencing back pain on the lower right side of your back, chances are you slump even more because you are mistakenly trying to take the pain away. Ever notice that if you stretch or arch your back you feel a small spasm up your back. That is because your back enjoys the decompression.

There are of course many jobs and reasons to be blamed instead of just poor posture. Of course, they are creating poor posture, but at least they are valid concerns that could explain your back pain. One job that can be causing your back pain on the lower right side is jobs that require you to sit all day in front of a computer. For starters, simply sitting goes against the natural alignment of your spine and bones, but when you are sitting, especially if you work in front of a computer you are naturally inclined to lean forward and over your keyboard when you are typing. This is especially true of older people learning to type at their jobs, because they lean in to see the keys better as they are typing. Unfortunately, if you fall into this category, you are already at high risk for back pain on your lower right side as you have probably been subjecting you back to poor posture for a longer amount of time allowing the compression to add up more over the years.

Do not fret though, if you find yourself experiencing back pain on your lower right side frequently. There are ways to help treat and prevent back pain on your lower right side. Consistent exercise and strengthening exercises done on a regular basis can help build up your muscles so that slouching does not harm them and cause back pain on your right side. For immediate relief you may consider trying many over the counter creams that will temporarily help relieve back pain.

Source by Patricia Stevens

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