Lower back pain is almost a ‘normal’ problem in the initial stage of pregnancy. It is, in fact, a reason to smile because it is the first sign that you are pregnant. But it becomes a matter of concern if it persists as the pregnancy advances. The pain becomes very annoying and frustrating especially when the doctors continue to declare it a normal feature of pregnancy.

The pain does not remain limited to the lower back, but you feel its ramifications in the upper back, shoulders and ribs and breasts. Some women have sciatic pains that travel down to their legs, while others have pelvic pain, which affects the pubic joint.


The most obvious cause for back pain is the gradual increase in weight during pregnancy, which exerts pressure on the lumber spine. Most women tend to push their pelvis forward to adjust to the pressure that causes greater strain on the back. Continued sitting or standing in one posture may cause pain in the back.

History of lower back pain

Some women may have had difficult delivery in the previous pregnancy, which may have caused tiny fractures. They tend to flare up again. They may also have a history of back, neck and lumber spine problems and slipped disc, etc.  These problems aggravate with pregnancy.


You are already carrying the weight of your child. Avoid carrying more weight. Do not carry heavy shopping. Take someone along to help you. Do not carry your baby, if you already have one, on your hip. It will exert more pressure on your back.

Avoid doing the domestic chores that make you bend too much. Wear comfortable shoes with broad heals and straps to help you walk without slipping.

Wear a maternity bra with broad straps and adequate cups to prevent any strain on your shoulders.

If you are a working woman, sit on an ergonomic or orthopedic chair that provides lumber support. Do not sit cross-legs. Adjust your computer screen and mouse so as to work without strain.



Simple exercises like walking and stretching gently often relieve stiffness and pain. But never force yourself to do anything beyond endurance.


In most cases, rest relieves the normal lower back pain.


You can do it yourself or ask someone else to do it for you. But avoid a deep and hard massage as it may affect the acupuncture points if you have a history of sciatic pain.

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Source by Raj Rishi