Having a Chronic Back Pain? Do Not Let It Disturb Your Sleep!

Having a chronic back pain could be the most terrible thing for many people as their activities cannot run well. Even sleep, as the nicest thing in the world, becomes uncomfortable. It feels like you have nowhere to go because you have no solution.

If therapies and medications cannot cure your chronic back pain, then you should consider doing exercises. You can have a talk with your doctors, therapists, health providers, or physical therapists to get advices about the right exercises to do before going to bed.

The selection of mattress and pillow also defines your sleep. In this case, getting the most comfortable ones does not require you to spend thousands of dollars. The term “comfortable” here means “correct”, in which the mattress and pillows fit your body well. If you do not have any idea about it, medium-firm mattress is suggested, as studies show that this kind of mattress is best for most people. If your mattress now is too firm, adding an egg crate mattress pad will be good.

To get good quality sleep, positions do matter. Avoid sleeping on your stomach as it makes you arch your back. Further, this backward position can worsen chronic back pain. You better lying on your side in a fetal position and put a pillow between your legs before. Do not forget to put a pillow under your knees if you want to sleep by lying on your back.

Starting a bedtime routine is a good idea as it helps you to be discipline. The routines can be putting on pajamas, brushing teeth, and setting the alarm. You should also start going to bed at the same time each night, and while you are in bed, do not do activities that “delay” your sleep, such as reading book and watching TV.

Source by Harry N Stewart

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