I’ve recently acquired a pull-up bar made by Iron Gym products. I have to say, I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while. Now I do have a full squat rack of where I’m able to do pull-ups from, but am I able to fit my squat rack in between my door way or in the hallway? Nope, I don’t think so. With that said, the mobility of the pull-up bar is phenomenal.

Right when I get out of bed in the morning, all I have to do is simply slip the pull-bar in between my door way and walla! I can knock out a mini workout or warm-up whenever I want. Not to mention the benefits of doing pull-ups are simply outrageous. Pull-ups is an exercise very few people can do, simply because of the lack of upper body strength. I know a few people who can power clean over 250lbs but at the same time they have hard time doing 5 regular pull-ups.

With this piece of gym equipment, you can do a variety of exercises. Not only can you do under hand pull-ups, but you can also do over hand pull-ups as well. Wide or close-grip, you choose for the better. The pull-up bar can also be used as a push-up platform on the ground. With push-ups, it allows you to hit more muscle fibers of the chest and thus allowing you to get more of an effective workout that what regular push-ups offer. Anyways, for $30, you can’t go wrong with the price. If you’ve always wanted to set up your own home gym, the pull-up bar is an awesome start. If you’re wanting to buy this product, it can be located at your local sports store.

Source by vishal