Pain is just not fun! When suffering with back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, TMJ, knee problems, carpel tunnel syndrome, cervical spine issues or discomfort with your wrist or ankles, sometimes all you can think about is getting RELIEF! While some will take any medication, regardless of the side effects, just to relieve the misery; others are looking for alternatives for pain relief. It was such a search for a natural back pain relief: in particular, upper back pain relief and a non-invasive treatment for lower back pain that led me to discover chiropractic adjustment tools.

My friend, who suffers greatly with fibromyalgia, finally experienced some relief for her back and neck pain through the regular treatments using chiropractic products. Specifically, through massages and the use of the chiropractic adjustment tool properly and regularly administered, she began to improve. She improved so much that they personally purchased a chiropractic adjustment tool (C.A.T.) and her husband was trained to administer the treatments to his wife. She describes the therapy as taking the stress off the muscle when hurting and taking the edge off the pain of the fibromyalgia.

One night at a small dinner party around the pool, another friend began to describe the relief she was getting from the use of a small device called the chiropractic activator, which she described as a “clicker,” but turned out to be another description for the chiropractic adjustment tool! She suffers with constant back muscle pain as well as neck pain. In the past, she had visited a back pain specialist, but the only back pain remedy he offered was muscle relaxers that would literally put her to sleep and left her feeling groggy the next day.

In her search for back pain cures, she took yoga, which didn’t hurt, but it didn’t help either. Then one day a co-worker described back pain treatments she was receiving from her chiropractor to relieve her back pain which was very effective! She began to describe these gentle, non-invasive treatments, so my friend had to try it. She was glad she did.

Do you ever wonder if someone is trying to tell you something? So I began to investigate. How do these chiropractic adjustment tools work? Will these chiropractic tools hurt me? Will I continue to experience back and neck pain after these treatments?

Treatments using the Chiropractic Adjustment Tool, the Chiropractic Activator or the Activator Gun have been developed, studied and tested for thirty plus years and have been found quite successful. This tool (which fits in the palm of the hand) is a small, well-designed machine used to re-align the bones of the body without painful manipulations. Because it’s neither big nor loud, there is no need for fear, which makes these treatments ideal for children, the elderly or the seriously injured. It does sound like a “click.” The treatments are delivered to specific targets with controlled, measured low-force adjustments.

Chiropractors frequently will have the patients lie on a table and perform a leg length inequality assessment. Different movements are requested during the session after which the chiropractic adjustment tool is administered in specific areas with the final outcome of the session having leg lengths equaled with the goal of the body becoming totally aligned.

While controversy continues about alternative methods and medicines, there is great merit and value in the exploration of non-invasive procedures that might eliminate pain with limited side-effects. Perhaps someone is trying to tell you something?

Source by Glo Johnsen