Causes of Back Pain—Basic Information

Whatever the nature of the back pain, it is generally caused by muscle imbalance. backpain-woman-couch.jpg

What is muscle imbalance?

You may have noticed that sometimes the muscles in your one leg are tighter, stronger or weaker   than the opposing muscles in the other leg.  This disparity in strength or functionality between the two muscles or groups of muscles is called muscle imbalance.

Our body is constantly experiencing a competition between the two groups of opposing muscles. We become conscious of this competition only when there is a noticeable imbalance, which expresses itself in form of pain.

Why does the muscle imbalance cause pain?

When the muscles lose the balance, they tend to pull the bones and joints out of their normal position. This results in a kind of unevenness, stress or disturbance which causes pain.

The muscle groups in our thighs, hips and torso determine the position and curvature of our spine. Any imbalance among these muscle groups pulls the spine and the body out of its normal alignment. This causes an increase in the level of stress on the muscles, joints and bones.

Even a small imbalance in the muscles can, over the time, exert a huge amount of uneven pressure and cause wear and tear especially of the vertebrae, discs, spine and the muscles that support it.  It leads to malfunctioning of the body which results in pain. It is like the car tires going out of alignment. The resultant imbalance causes fast wear and tear of the car itself.

Factors that cause the muscle imbalance

The way we use our body affects the functioning of our muscles. For example,  activities, exercises, games,  athletics and sports such as  golf,  gardening, running, workouts on treadmills in gyms, horse riding, lifting the weight, the way we sit, stand and walk and   go about our  work involve the use of muscles all the time. Any carelessness in any our routine activities   may cause imbalance in their alignment.

 Of late, cars and computers have become an integral part of our life and work. Both these activities involve long hours of sitting in one position.

The muscle imbalance pinches our nerves and causes pressure on them. It results in tightness and inflammation in the muscles, tissues in the legs, buttocks, hips and shoulders. Together they pull the pelvis and spine out of alignment and cause all kinds of back pain.

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