Back and neck pain are very common conditions that many people suffer from therefore, you are not alone in having this problem. Actually at some point in nearly everyone’s life they will suffer from some form of back or neck pain. Even though it is a common problem the condition can make you feel isolated from people such as your family, your best friends and colleagues at work.

If you have it you will probably get a lot of advice from your mother to the postman about how to treat it. This advice can come in the form of yoga, Pilates, massage or the latest magic potion. You may also that when you suffer from neck pain or back pain that people can treat you differently they take on the role of a concerned nurse or mother. As you go about your daily business you can commonly hear comments such as these:

• In your condition you should not be lifting heavy objects.
• You should be bending your knees when you lift a heavy object.
• How do you expect to play tennis in your condition, you will only make your back pain worse.

You will probably hear a lot more of these but essentially they are saying the same thing that you can’t do this or do that. Some of this may be good advice but it is hardly based on thorough medical research. Even though it is a common problem you would be surprised to know that there is still a lot of confusion around the cause and treatment for neck and back pain.

If you already suffer from the neck and back pain you are probably well aware and have had experience of the many opinions and treatment that you been given advice on how to treat the problem. The bewildering array of different back treatments and contradictory advice and opinion stems from the fact that for most causes of neck and back pain are still unknown and the health care community do not agree on one specific way to diagnose and treat the problem.

This situation will make your quest for a cure or relief from your condition a complex and confusing one.

Source by Bill Weller