Late pregnancy is the time when the long cherished dream of seeing your little baby is about to come true. But the pleasure is spoilt by the back pain that often comes up during the eighth and ninth month of pregnancy. You cannot sleep comfortably and feel miserable no matter what you do because of the back pain. It sometimes shoots down your leg and makes you immovable.

But it can be wrong to think that your back pain will go away after the delivery of the child.  It is quite possible that it will stay with you for a long time, may be even several years.

So it would be unwise to take your back pain lightly. There may be several reasons for back pain in late pregnancy.

1. Enlargement of uterus

The uterus becomes big and heavy in the late pregnancy. Women tend to pull their back and shoulders to offset the increased weight. This results in strain in the back.

2. Overwork and lack of rest

Some women continue to do hard work during the early pregnancy thinking they might need to rest during the late pregnancy. They contract back pain, but continue to ignore it. The back pain becomes worse during the late pregnancy and it becomes more difficult to cure it.

3. Bad posture

Often the cause of back pain is a  bad posture while you sit, stand and work. For example, you tend to lean forward while working on your computer or bend your lower back for lifting something heavy.


First of all you should consult your doctor to ensure that your lower back pain has not been caused by some serious problem like injury from accident and herniation of a disc, etc.

In normal circumstances, the back pain can be relieved by simple home treatment.

1. Massage

Prenatal massage can substantially relieve the back pain. You are required to lie with your face on the table. The massage table has a big hole in it to fit in your breasts and belly without causing any discomfort. The masseur can massage your back for a little charge.

2.  Pregnancy support belt

Pregnancy support belt can take the pressure off your back. Get one and you will really feel comfortable in your back.

3. Maternity pillow

Like maternity bras, you can get pillows specially designed for pregnant women. They enable you to maintain right posture and take the strain off your back as you sleep at night.

3. Exercises

There are plenty of aerobic exercises like walking and stretching that are safe for late pregnancy.

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Source by Raj Rishi