Back Pain Cause by Lumbar Stenosis

What is Spinal Stenosis.

Spinal stenosis is condition of narrowing  spinal canal. Spinal canal of  lumbar spine  contain with  multiple nerve roots  of lower extremities ,anal and perinium.

Why spinal stenosis make you pain.

When spinal canal stenosis  space  for nerve root is reduction.  If our working with  motion of spine  nerve roots  in spinal canal absolutlymove with our bodies.Nerve roots inflammation and swelling generate back pain , leg pain ,numpness or burning sensation.

What is specsific symptoms.

Low Back  Pain : The most common symptoms of spinal stenosis. Pain increase by walking ,long standing, climbing  you may sittng down or rest to reduce  pain.

Numbness : Because of spinal stenosis  generated inflammation nerve roots .Numbness  are often symptoms in spinal canal stenosis. Numbness increase and reduce  same as pain.

Burning Sensation: May present in spinal stenosis same as reason with numbness and  pain.

The most important typical  symptom is increased symptoms by walking ,long standing and climbing and  symptoms  reduce by rest or  sittng.

How to management this back pain.

Visit Your Doctor : If you have specific symptoms of spinal stenosis .You need the  examination by doctor and give you more information.

Rest is the most effective to reduce back pain symptom from spinal stenosis.

Avoided the increase pain factors; walking,long standing and climbing.

Drugs :You must consult your doctor about drugs for reduce low back pain from spinal stenosis.

Physical Therapy : Most helpful to reduce your back pain with low complications.

Alternative Treatment : Massage, Acupunceture ,Hypnosis,Chiropractic are search more information.

Surgery is the last choice for back pain from spinal stenosis.

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