There has been a lot of interest in using electrical stimulation to cure back pain. But is this really a cure or just another gadget being pushed by companies looking to make a quick dollar. In other words is there any science behind the claims. I asked my physical therapist this after he recommended that I try a battery operated unit.

Supposedly this unit is battery operated and fits onto my belt. Patches are applied to my back and connected to the belt unit. Mild electrical current is then applied blocking transmission of pain signals along the nerves. Electrical stimulation also results in promoting the release of endorphins which are natural painkillers produced by the body. 

This all sounded interesting but the idea of having electrical charges shooting though my body did sound a bit dangerous and reminded me of all those electrical devices that were sold years ago that were nothing more than medical quackery. However my therapist assures me this was not the case. The electric current is very low and not dangerous and there has been a lot of solid research on the effectiveness of this apparatus. Another thing that convinced me to try it was the approval of my surgeon and my insurance company.

Is electrical simulation a cure for your aching back? Well ever situation is unique. But studies do indicate that electrical stimulation can be part of an over all treatment program. Now this device doesn’t take the place of other treatments such as losing weight, physical therapy and exercise. How it allows the patient to participate in these therapies without pain or at least with a minimum of pain. Whether the device is for you depends on your situation and your doctors okay. I will stress however that whatever option you take it is important to also follow a program or system of exercise that is designed specifically for your condition and has a proven tract record of success.

One of the top rated programs is called the Lose The Back Pain System developed by therapists and doctors of the Healthy back Institute. This program has helped thousands by strengthening muscles and eliminating muscles imbalance. 

Source by Peter Turner