A Guide to Using Sciatic Nerve Stretches As Your Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment

Do You Know How to Use Sciatic Nerve Stretches?

You are no doubt tired of this lower back pain, and willing to do almost anything in order to find some relief. If you are trying to find natural ways to get through this horribly unnatural pain, you are not alone. Many others are curious about the same thing. This informative article is about showing you and instructing you on exactly how to use sciatic nerve stretches to find relief, and what to avoid when using sciatic nerve stretches.

It is my hope that using these simple tips will help you to stop feeling like this pain controls you.

The first tip – is a stretch. And it is a very simple one. And it works great because you can use it virtually anywhere, without anyone even realizing you are doing it. This stretch opens up your hips and take pressure off of your lower back. Believe it or not, it is sitting cross legged (also known as Indian style or the meditation position). Try this stretch a few times every day and see tremendous results.

The second tip – is to steer clear of any stretch where the ‘core’ of your body is not supported somehow. This means that rotational stretches, or lower back stretches that require you to bend and twist should be avoided. The only exception to this would be if your doctor advised it, since he has a history of your sciatica pain and would best know which sciatic nerve stretches would work for you.

The final tip – is to make sure that you stretch every day. So many people stretch when they are in pain. While this can sometimes give you good results, wouldn’t it be easier to keep the pain away in the first place? In the beginning, you may want to stretch a few times a day for at least ten minutes at a time. One of the most important times to stretch is before bed. This will help to provide at least some lower back relief while you are sleeping.

No matter what your treatment plan, sciatic nerve stretches should be a part of it. The greatest thing about stretching? Even though you have to be diligent about it in the beginning, as your pain becomes more manageable, you can reduce your stretching to once a day or once every other day and still avoid a sciatica flare.

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