Tricking the mind to lose weight is very much important, as it helps you control over your eating habits. Thus, mindful eating is a must that does miracles and helps you get the outcomes of your efforts. Yes, change in your eating habits may do wonders and help you loseRead More →

My journey into this field begins with poor health, bad lifestyle practices, and poor education regarding health and wellness. I was overweight, had poor muscle tone and strength, suffered from respiratory, digestive, and pulmonary issues, and was very unhappy with both my health and my limitations of doing the thingsRead More →

Back in the 1950’s cigarette manufactures employed marketing experts to introduce more women to smoking. Up until then it wasn’t perceived as being lady like to smoke. The markets created the cigarette as the torch of freedom and women embraced the habit of smoking in droves as they wanted theRead More →

According to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), evidence shows that our risk for many types of cancer is related to diet, physical activity and weight, which is a direct result of diet and physical activity. Maintaining a healthy weight is important to safeguarding your health but getting toRead More →

Just think about things for a moment. Would people advocate going to the local gym more, or eating less if there weren’t obvious benefits. In fact most people will congratulate you if you said “I’m going to find a gym near me” or “I’m going to lose weight”. But whyRead More →