Window Boxes – Add Beauty to Your Wooden Garden Sheds

Window boxes add beauty to your wooden garden sheds and allow you can do what you do best for gardening. You can make your own wooden window boxes or there are different options available to buy prefabricated window boxes online today.

Wooden Garden Window Boxes – If you are going to build or buy a box of wooden window for your wooden garden sheds I would select either cedar or redwood for the window box. The reason for this is that the cedar and redwood both resist rot and decay. Building your own window box is very easy as a window box is nothing more than a rectangle on three sides. Use galvanized nails or screws rust-resistant for boxes.

Window Box Liners – The best thing for using a liner for wooden window box is that you will capable to eliminate the liners to work on the flowers/ plants or to work on the window box itself. This will not easy, if you direct plant into the box. Furthermore, the liner will allow the window box itself to last longer as there will not be directly moisture contact with the wood every time. If I were to make my own wooden window box, firstly I would buy the liner because I knew the dimensions I needed to use for the window box.

Constructing Wooden Window Boxes – Mostly people do not ponder for making the front edge of the window box tip out instead of being straight up on the side. This is skilled by putting a bevel cut on the bottom and sides of the window box facing the front board. Prefabricated window boxes will usually have this design feature already.

Drainage – If you want to water your flowers/plants directly into the window box, so you will need to ensure that both the liner and the window box itself drain the water out of the window box. Holes and drainage plugs do not have already in the liner then easily drill some holes in the liner. Also drill the holes in the bottom surface of the wooden window box. These holes must be to the front side of the window box so the water draining out of the window box drains out away from the siding on the wooden garden shed. If you want to allow the water to drain on the siding it will stain and decay the siding all the time. When installing the window box ensure it tips down in the front to ensure the water to the drainage holes you have provided in the front of the window box.

Vinyl Prefabricated Window Boxes – If you are not into wooden boxes there are a number of prefabricated window boxes you can buy online. Additionally, vinyl window boxes come in a different of color options. If you buy a quality vinyl window box it will last a number of years and will not decay or rot. They do have a tendency to bulge out a little if full but if they have proper brackets to support them then they will do just fine.

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