What is True Beauty

By Mitzi Reed

Beauty is a state of mind not a state of body. When you feel good about yourself, you project an image of self-confidence and openness that makes you beautiful. A beautiful woman is one who values herself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Real beauty is the radiance that flows outward. Beauty is your birthright. It is who you are. You are beautiful simply because you are human and you are alive. When you are being beauty, you are walking in beauty.

External beauty is about how we carry ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. To become a beautiful whole person, you need to work on both the outer and inner beauty. To keep yourself in touch with your own beauty, surround yourself with images of beauty.

If you observe others, you will discover that inner beauty is much more impressive than external beauty.

You must feel beautiful before you can look beautiful. Practice compassion with yourself. In order for women to be honored for their unique beauty, we must first learn to see ourselves with love, compassion and acceptance. We need to honor our own beauty. Finding your inner self is empowering. Inner beauty creates harmony and balance. The beauty of your soul will emanate from you no matter what your body looks like.

People naturally come in all sizes and no one is more attractive than another. Size has nothing to do with beauty. Women of all sizes can be beautiful in their own unique way.

If you want to live a life of peace, joy and love, you must begin to accept your body as it is. Worrying about weight and size distracts us from a meaningful life. By focusing on our bodies and our looks, we aren’t putting attention on more important endeavors that contribute to a meaningful life. Allow the quality of your life take precedence over the quantity of your body. Use the time and energy that you might have spent worrying about food, calories, and your weight to help others. Reach out to your community to make a positive difference in your world and the lives of others. Performing a useful loving act every day will cause your body to respond favorably. It is by acts of love, charity, wisdom and understanding that you are able to prolong the days of your physical body.

Excerpt from Mitzi’s Book Awaken to Your Inner Beauty.

Source by Mitzi Reed