Weak Spots Of The Human Body

Human body has weak spots which are very sensitive from damage. These spots are easy to hit and are very vulnerable to pain. These are the best spots if you want to end a battle quickly. Here the most vulnerable weak spots of the human body.

This area is very delicate. A hard hit to this area can cause a bleed. Attacking this area can stun your opponent. A lot of pain can be experience if this area is being hit. Aside from that, it can make your eyes cry and blurs your vision. A combination of hit to the nose, ears and eyes can take down your enemy.

This is the most sensitive part for the men. A woman can hit this area to escape an assault. A simple kick to this area can cause a serious damage to any man.

The air flows into this area. This means that hitting this area can choke your opponent. However, to successfully hit this area you will have to inflect the correct timing.

Striking the ears can cause a serious injury to the brain. When the ears are damaged the eardrums will rapture.

Punching this area will cause a temporary blindness to your enemy. This is also a good way to halt your opponent’s aggressiveness.

If damaged, this area can cause your opponent to become unconscious for a period of time, depending on the power of the impact.

Front Teeth
A good hit to this area can cause disorientation and broken bones.

Under the Arm
It isn’t easy to strike this area. However, if you manage to successfully hit the underarm, it can leave a serious pain to your assailant.

Jaw side
Most of the martial artist aims to hit this area. A single but powerful blow can lead your attacker to become unconscious.

It is very easy to hit this area, since this is the closest part of your opponent’s body. A good strike to this area can cause a broken knee cap of your attacker.

Back of the knee
Hitting this area can cause dislocated bones. Moreover, it causes a broken bones to your attacker.

Floating Ribs
Striking this region so hard can knock the wind out of your opponent and results broken bones.

Inner Thigh
The muscles of the lower leg will be numb is this area is hit. However, hitting this area requires a correct technique and timing.

This is a vital region to your opponent’s body. This area is located inside the body. However, if you manage to damage this area, your opponent may suffer a serious internal injury.

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