1. Venus is known to be the planet for beauty and those getting to the title of beauty queens, films actresses, T.V. artists, model etc. must be born with strong Venus of having strong influence of Venus from various angles i.e. the rising sign, Nakshtra of the planets and also of the Lagna.

2. In this write-up, astro- analysis shall be done of the horoscopes of Beauty Queens- (i) Aishwarya Rai and (ii) Lara Dutta. The material i.e. the date of birth has been picked up from the published papers. The astro- analysis is being done on the basis of published dates and the Editor or Astrology- of owes no responsibility for any action one may take in any walk of his/ her life. You are welcome to confirm the date/ time and place of birth.

3.For becoming a beauty queen, one has to come successfully in the competition and must have requisite yogas for name/ fame and reputation, Therefore, it is necessary to consider the Lagna (Ascendant), degree of the Lagna and the nature of planet ruling the lagna. Similarly, the Nakshtras are bound to give a handsome and beautiful face and figure. For competition, the position of 5th house and 5th Lord need to be checked well. Coupled with 4th house, the 5th house also become important or considering all types of entertainments/ amusements. For name, fame and reputation, look to various astrological yogas including Gaj- kesri Yoga, Budhi- aditya Yoga, Yogas formed by the Sun, the Moon and other yogas specially with reference to 10th and 9th houses of the horoscope.

4.Now a word about VENUS- the signification of beauty and other related matters. Being a benefic planet, Venus is responsible for giving beauty, wealth, vehicles, precious stones, costly goods and clothes, beautiful residence, ornaments, scents, jewellery all types of luxurious living including that of the present day Five Star Hotel etc.

5.The native born when Libra, ruled by Venus was rising. This it gives the native the beauty she has. Mars in own sign in the 7th house gives the needed strength and energy to face the world and the 5th Lord Saturn getting to another trine in the 9th house made her to win laurels. In additional Venus the Lagna Lord is inspected by Saturn (both are friends) and they are bound to take her to new heights in film industry though the Sun in lagna is debilities. 10th Lord the Moon is also well placed in the sign of Jupiter (planet for giving wisdom) though afflicted by Rahu and Ketu. Good time is ahead.

6.Here again the native was born when Libra ruled by Venus was born when Libra ruled by Venus was rising. The birth- Nakshtra would make the difference as this native was born in Pushya Nakshtra and such a native has to work hard. But, she was born with exalted Sun and the Lagna Lord Venus expected Lagna (face etc.) from the 7th house. Well placed Jupiter (9th house), Exalted Sun, the Moon in 10th House (own sign) are bound to give her a good career though some sort of restlessness shall continue taxing her mind on account of affliction of Moon (controller of mind).

Source by Shanker Adawal