Unique Return Air Filter Grille Adds Beauty To A Home

Are you tired of the ugly return air filter grille on your wall, ceiling or floor that grabs your attention every time you walk into a room?  When you know that it does bother you, then it’s time to consider a wooden and decorated return air filter grille.  These grilles are as attractive as a work of art and can be made to work with any style of décor in a home, from classic to contemporary.

A regular grille can be improved into a thing of beauty and can be the center of fouc of a room, rather than detracting from the décor.  The replacement furnace filter can also be intended to blend in with other ornamental aspects of the room.  Similar to the elegant and stylish moldings and decoration that have been widely-used since the time of Greek rule, a decorative grille can add pizzaz, richness and beauty to any room.  

Each decorative return air filter grille is made from wood and is laser cut to bring out the best detail and ornamentation.  The grilles can be made to match other ornamental objects, like as crown molding, corbels, medallions, rosettes, and ornaments, or can be made into a unique piece of artwork.   The grilles can be cut to any style, shape or size that the customer desires.

Pattern Cut, a company Anaheim, California, provide a wide list of decorative grilles to meet any décor.  The company has designed a variety of different patterns of pre-cut grilles, or will custom design  a wood return air filter grille to meet the specifications of any customer.  Each product is made  from Baltic birch hardwood ply with furniture grade veneers of oak, maple, or cherry.  Homeowners can also select to stain or paint their grille to match their own personal décor and each piece is shipped pre-sanded and ready to finish.

In addition to the decorative grilles that are available, the company offers a selection of topnotch decorative wood accents, such as moldings, corbels, medallions, cornices, friezes, and more.  No matter how elaborate or intricate the detail, Empire Ornament Supply can create woodwork that rivals that of the Palace of Versailles.

There is no need for a return air filter grille to be an eyesore in an otherwise beautifully decorated room or home.   With the same attention to detail as an intricately carved molding, a custom wood return air filter grille can add interest and richness to any room, while giving the same functionality as its ugly stepsister.

Source by Morgan Mejia

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