UK Spends the Most on Cosmetic Surgery in the Whole of Europe

Britain spends the most on cosmetic surgery in the whole of Europe according to data monitor analysts. In 2006 alone nearly £500m was spent on cosmetic surgery and spending figures show no sign of slowing down. The table below shows the top five spenders on cosmetic surgery in 2006:

Country Amount Spent On Cosmetic Surgery (£Millions)

UK £497

Italy £158

France £139

Germany £127

Spain £69

In comparison, the second greatest spender on cosmetic surgery in Europe was Italy where around £160m is estimated to have been spent in the same time period. Interestingly, the combined total spent on cosmetic surgery in Italy, France, German and Spain amounts to £493m; 4 million less than that spent in the UK alone.

Despite the UK being the clear winner as the hub for cosmetic surgery in Europe, it stills dwarfs the US where an estimated £5.678 billion was spent on cosmetic surgery during the same time period.

According to data monitor, the key reason for the rise in spending on cosmetic surgery is due to the increasing desire of the consumer to improve their personal appearance. Although the bulk of cosmetic surgery procedures are still undergone by women, a considerable change is also being noted in the attitude of men towards cosmetic surgery. This shift being supported by the rise in the number for men undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures such as tummy tucks and breast reductions. For instance there were 224 male breast reductions performed in 2007 compared to 177 performed in 2006 (27% increase) and 22 male breast reductions performed in 2002 (1018% increase).

The rise in cosmetic surgery procedures is also being attributed to the increased public awareness of it through media coverage of new procedures and developments which are constantly taking place in the industry.

According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), there is a growing general public acceptance towards cosmetic surgery due to increased media coverage and better education with breast enlargement being the most popular.

Despite this upsurge, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and President of BAAPS, Mr Douglas McGeorge states that it is essential that anybody considering cosmetic surgery should spend time researching their options and choosing a suitable provider.

An essential factor which should always be considered when choosing a cosmetic surgery provider is the qualifications and credentials of the cosmetic surgeon who will be performing the procedure as the skill level of the surgeon can make a considerable difference in the outcome.

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