Types of unconventional dangling earrings

In the world of jewelries, there are two types of earrings that are sold by your local jeweler. These are the conventional earrings while the other one is the unconventional or modern earrings. On the other hand, earrings, too, regardless of  what their classifications are also divided into two categories. The first one is the stud earring and the second one is the dangling earrings.

These days, there are a lot of people who prefer to use modern unconventional earrings as a replacement for the more expensive conventional dangling earrings. However, what are the different types of modern dangling earrings?

There are basically two types of modern dangling earrings. The first one is the ear thread while the other one is the earspiral. Both types of earrings have different designs. Let us take a close look on how each earring differentiates from one another.

The ear threads, as the name implies, are pieces of ear jewelries that are made from metal threads. These metal threads either come from silver, gold or platinum. The designs of ear threads are very simple. There are ear threads that are made from metal threads alone while there are some that are accented with other ornaments like gemstones or other fancy items.

Ear spirals, on the other hand, are dangling earrings that take in the spiral design. Ear spirals can either be accented with gems or not. The great thing about ear spirals is that they do come in with a variety of designs. On the other hand, they are also made from different types of metal which include silver, gold or platinum.

Whatever your choice of earrings is, both modern designs of earrings are great for any type of outfit. They can be used to accent casual clothes to formal ones.

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