The Best Anti Aging Skin Treatments Will NOT Have This

Let me tell you a quick story, I was looking for a skincare cream that would make my skin look good and slow down aging. In other words, the best anti aging skin treatments—probably just you. I tried dozens of things, started reading around the topic and learned some shocking facts!

Shocking Fact #1

Most of the big name skin treatments are made of cheap ingredients that can be harming your skin and actually aging it faster! 

For example, did you know a lot of famous name skincare shares an ingredient also used in industrial strength floor cleaner?  Imagine that, you can be putting the same stuff on your face that is later used to wash the floor of the store you bought in.  Do you think that’d be good for your skin?  Of course not. 

The truth is, sulfates—seen as sodium laureth sulfates and sodium lauryl sulfates are cheap ingredients that lather well.  So, you find them in shampoos, body lotions, face cleansers and tons of other skin products.  Then, they’re used in the floor cleaners. 

It probably won’t surprise you to learn this stuff can strip your skin of vital moisture.  In essence, aging it faster!   Now that’s not why you and I buy skincare products!

Shocking Fact #2

You might know you need to stimulate your skin cells to make more collagen.  Collagen keeps your skin looking young and firm but as you age your body slows down it’s production so your skin starts to wrinkle and sag.  You can help it along but not by including collagen in your anti aging treatments. 

Research shows your body can’t absorb collagen particles because they’re too large.  They don’t fit through your pores. 

But research also shows certain ingredients will help your body to make more collagen naturally. 

Ingredients in the Best Anti Aging Skin Treatments

This is the stuff you need to increase your collagen and keep your skin smooth and healthy looking. 

1—One of the best anti agers is an ingredient that works as a “liquid skin”.  It smooths your skin and fills in fine lines. Plus, it’s proven to increase your collagen and elasticity so your skin looks firmer.  Volunteers who participated in a trial found their skin had 42% more elasticity after just 18 days of using this ingredient! 

2—There’s a Japanese sea kelp long used by the Japanese for health and beauty.  It strengthens your existing collagen cells and increases your levels of hyaluronic acid (HA).  Together, these keep your skin firm and feeling soft. 

There are plenty of other top quality ingredients found in the best anti aging skin treatments too.   Soft, smooth, firm skin—isn’t that what you want? 

Source by Audrey Alexander

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