For many years, butterfly tattoos have been one of the most popular tattoos to have. According to a 2006 list from Vanishing Tattoo, Butterfly designs are overwhelmingly one of the most popular among women.

Why Are Butterfly Tattoos So Popular?

The butterfly, in nature, has a fairly short life but an overwhelming beauty. It represents a restless spirit that moves from one beautiful moment to the next. Many Native American tribes, always centered in the spiritual nature of animals, regarded the butterfly as a fleeting spirit, representative of the part of the lower human soul that constantly seeks change and excitement. It also represents tremendous change. Just as the caterpillar transforms it’s life, after a short dormant rest, into an airborn creature of unnatural beauty, the butterfly tattoo represents, for many people, a season or a lifetime of enormous change and transformation.

The Look of the Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are a fairly standard creature, but there is nothing standard about the variety and mix of designs that you’ll find on their wings. Likewise, there’s nothing boring about the amazing variety of designs to choose from for butterfly tattoos. Because of the gentle and graceful curves of the butterfly, such a tattoo is very easy for the tattoo artist to design and draw. The variety of designs allow people to choose not only a creature that represents their own restless and exciting spirit, but also a design and pattern that most expresses their own personality or particular moment of life transformation.

Placement of the Tattoo

When you choose a butterfly tattoo and where you want it placed, there are a wide variety of options. Both black and colored tattoos are available for butterflies, and both are stunning regardless of which design you choose. There are also various sizes to choose from, but this can depend significantly on where you want it placed on your body. Seek the tattoo artist’s advice on the size of the tattoo based on where you want it.

The typical placement of the tattoo includes the following:

1. A very small butterfly tactfully placed on the ankle or wrist.
2. A slightly larger tatto on the shoulder or lower back.
3. Some people place fairly large tattoos on the lower back.
4. Various sizes placed in “hidden” areas.

Choosing a Butterfly Design

Chosen designs range from full open wingspan in full flight, or with slightly tucked wings as though the butterfly is emerging from its coccoon.

Another common pattern is the Celtic butterfly tattoo. Celtic butterfly tattoos are very attractive and distict. While women choose them more than any other butterfly design, they are so versatile and unique that men sometimes choose them as well. The celtic butterfly, used on a small scale, is often integrated into a much larger tattoo artist’s design.

Celtic designs are based on “knot work”, as a representation of the neverneding circle of life, which compliments the symbolic transformation meaning behind the butterfly design. Celtic butterflies have a bit of a different meaning within Celtic traditions. Within Celtic myth they represent life after death. Throughout Ireland they represent dead souls waiting to enter purgatory in the Catholic religious belief system.

The best way to choose a design you know you will like is to browse the many galleries of butterfly tattoos available on the internet and choose the one that you know you will like. There are designs ranging from very large to very petite, and when it comes to butterflies, one size certainly does not fit all.

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Source by Ryan Dube