Professional laser whitening of teeth is the quickest and most successful way to brighten teeth. This can be done at a dentist supervised whitening center or by your own dentist with a procedure like the Zoom whitening system.

Laser whitening technique use light therapy to speed up the bleaching action of hydrogen peroxide, lightening teeth up to eight shades in about an hour. While it’s the most expensive option, it also lasts the longest for up to a couple of years. Experts all agree that it is perfect if you want dramatic, long lasting results and convenience.

The best way to whiten your teeth is gradually if you already have sensitive teeth. Some people can handle going in for an hour and getting their whitening done in a day, white others like to go in for a few sessions to give their teeth a break. There are no dangerous side effects of getting professional laser whitening, but some people have reported that they do feel sensitivity in their teeth or gums.

A few tips on what to do before you go in for your whitening session are to brush your teeth and hold off on flossing if you have really sensitive gums. It is to your best advantage if you brush your teeth in conjunction with having professional laser whitening. It is good to brush them immediately before each whitening session to remove any food particles from your teeth and gums.

This will ensure that the whitening laser will have full contact with the hardened old stains on your teeth instead of food particles that are stuck to your teeth after having breakfast.

Flossing your teeth regularly will help the whitening process, but you don’t want to floss right before you go in for a laser whitening session. Flossing might irritate the area of the gums between your teeth. Some sensitive patients will notice that the laser treatment might bother them right after flossing.

Some alternative options that will whiten your teeth for a short-term period are Crest Whitestrips Premium and Classic. They are good for over-the-counter effectiveness and convenience. Most product testers did notice better results with overnight products that are left on the teeth longer such as Crest Night Effects.

Whether you use over-the-counter products like the ones mentioned above or if you do have professional laser whitening of the teeth is up to you. There are a lot of teeth whitening gimmicks out there so just be aware of what ingredients are in the products. Check with your dentist or a professional if you have any doubts before starting a treatment.

Source by Adam Hefner