Wish there was a magic remedy to show you how to remove skin tags? Do you procrastinate about going to the doctor?

I know I do. I especially hate going in for something that isn’t even a real serious problem to begin with because they usually just pooh pooh it anyway. Either that or charge you an arm and a leg to do a 5-minute procedure.

But what can you do about these blemishes? People would always tell me mine were not noticeable but I certainly noticed them and they sure bothered and embarrassed me. I felt like I had a neon sign pointing right to the skin tag on my forehead saying “look here!”

I was tempted to just cut it off but I was afraid I would either make it look worse or it would bleed uncontrollably. I know, very silly to think that, but I just wasn’t sure.

So I had a look around and lo and behold, many people were discussing this online and several of them had gone so far as to do just what I had contemplated, snipped them right off. I was still too chicken though.

I carried on with my annoying extra skin for a while and then started thinking about it again. It couldn’t be that bad could it? After all it was pretty small!

I finally decided to that I would try this at-home remedy, so I actually went to the trouble of boiling and sterilizing a small pair of nail scissors, I then got some ice and held it on the site for a short time until it felt numb. Finally, I snipped off the skin tag. I will not say it didn’t hurt but it wasn’t too terribly bad. Would I do it again? Maybe. But I will say, though, that if it was a larger tag I would probably not have done it. The only reason I was able to get up the courage to try it was that it was pretty small. Oh and make sure to use sharp scissors or clippers. Dull ones would really hurt!

Come to think of it, I think in the future I might just go in to the doctor’s office instead.

So if you are on a quest to find out how to remove skin tags, I can verify that this home remedy does indeed work. But I would not recommend this method for larger areas.

Source by Regina Reeves