What is great about the English authors these days? Probably, it is their books which went on to become cult-classics in literature. This is what made wonderful writers of them and they are not just one book wonders but have written down several many to establish themselves for their many talents. Among the best five great authors and their classic books are given below.

Fyodor Dostoevsky of The Brothers Karamazov

He was a Russian novelist, journalist, short story writer and a philosopher. He explored human psychology of the 19th century Russia for its social, political and spiritual atmosphere. He has written down 11 novels and 17 short stories by now. His works are generally based upon the themes of religion and philosophy. One of his most famous novels is his final, The Brothers Karamazov. The philosophical book carries the debates on God, morality and free will. It can be called a spiritual drama on moral struggles to concern faith, doubt, reason and judgement in the 19th century Russia.

Oscar Wilde of The Picture of Dorian Gray

He was an Irish novelist, playwright and poet fluent in German and French languages. An outstanding classicist, he believed in the philosophy of aestheticism. He was able to build aesthetic details precisely while combining them with social themes. He was known for his most publicized work, The Picture of Dorian Gray, a novel dealing with the themes of duplicity, decadence and beauty.

It is his only novel and can be called a gothic fiction. Impressed by his beauty, Basil Hallward paints a portrait of Dorian Gray in oil and introduces him to Lord Henry Wotton. Under the influence of Lord Henry, Dorian is of the view that beauty is the only thing worth pursuing. As the beauty is soon to fade, Dorian sells his soul to stay young leaving his picture to fade.

James Joyce of Ulysses

An Irish poet and novelist, James Joyce is popular for his book, Ulysses following a literary style of stream of consciousness. An important work in modernist literature, it foregrounds the thinking process. Ulysses records the encounters that Leopold Bloom has on an ordinary day in June. It has 18 episodes in experimental prose style filled with parodies, allusions and puns and every episode has a theme.

George Orwell of Nineteen Eighty-Four

He was an English journalist, novelist and critic whose work was lucid prose dealing with topics like social injustice and totalitarianism while supporting democratic socialism. He was known for his dystopian science fiction, Nineteen Eighty-Four, which is a cult-classic in political fiction. It describes manipulation of records and secret surveillance by an authoritarian state.

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Source by Akansha K Gupta