Flower girls are usually between three and eight years old. These adorable little show stoppers put a smile on your guests faces as they walk down the aisle, leaving a lovely path of petals. There are so many beautiful flower girl dress options available that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in your search. If you’re having a traditional wedding, how can you be sure that your flower girl’s dress conveys your theme? Here are a few simple tips for choosing beautiful flower girl dresses for traditional weddings.

In a traditional wedding, a flower girl’s dress is typically the same color or shade as the bridal gown, usually in tones of ivory or white. The conventional flower girl dress also includes details that emulate the bride’s gown, such as beading, lace and embroidery work. A splash of color could be added with a beautiful sash that can coordinate with the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Flower Girl Dress Styles and Details

The detailing of a traditional flower girl’s dress is important. The length of her dress could range from knee length, tea length or down to the floor. Keep in mind that if your flower girl is very young, you may not want a floor length dress. She should be able to move easily, without the risk of tripping or stumbling on her dress. Many brides opt for flower girl dresses that echo the wedding gown. Modifications can be made to make the dress more appropriate for a small girl. Plunging necklines, for example, or off the shoulder sleeves can be altered for a more conservative look.

Traditional flower girl dresses feature full skirts, ruffles, frilly sleeves and demure necklines. But there’s lots of room to get creative, even within the traditional style.

A sleeveless satin bodice with accompanying satin skirt overlaid in organza would be flattering on any flower girl while maintaining the traditional feel of the wedding. A simple sleeveless pinafore dress that buttons down the back lends itself to these fabrics beautifully. Look for dresses that have skirts containing at least three tiers in the back of the skirt and one in front. Add traditional accents like bows, fabric flowers and a sash, and the look is complete.

Your flower girl can also look lovely and elegant in a simple dress consisting of a full satin skirt overlaid in organza. To keep the dress traditional, it should be floor length and embellished with spaghetti straps and a sash. This look is tasteful, elegant and traditional. It could also be teamed with an organza shoulder wrap, which could be removed after the ceremony.

For a classically traditional look, a split A-line embroidered skirt is a perfect selection, particularly when paired with an embroidered satin bodice.

During the cooler seasons, the traditional look lends itself perfectly to long sleeves, voluminous gathered skirts or dress styles that can be paired with a light jacket or bolero. You can keep your little girl flower girl warm while maintaining her traditional look. The cooler weather is also ideal for beautiful winter weight fabrics, such as velvet and faux fur.

Of course, you’ll want to be sure that your flower girl is comfortable on the big day. It’s a good idea to choose soft textures and steer clear of fabrics that don’t breathe well. No matter how pretty her dress is, your flower girl won’t be happy if she’s stuck in an uncomfortable dress all day long.

Traditional Flower Girl Themes

There are a wide variety of themes that fall under the traditional category, which means that you can have some fun with your flower girl dress and still keep it traditional. Whether your theme is romantic, floral, seasonal or fairytale, you can find amazing flower girl dresses that will wow your guests.

Accessories can make a big impact on flower girl dresses. Jewelry, ribbons, flowers, hair bands and shoes with matching stocking or socks are just a few of the ways that you can make your flower girl dress convey a traditional tone. Generally, jewelry should be subtle, understated and age appropriate, small and not too extravagant.

Hairstyles should remain natural and simple. Whether the style is swept up or long and flowing, a flower girl’s hair should complement her dress without being too mature. Traditional flower girl shoes are patent leather and are paired with either frilly ankle socks or tights. Ballet slippers are another popular accompaniment for a traditional dress and are usually worn with matching tights.

And increasing number of brides are choosing traditional weddings, and there are many designers who offer superb collections of traditional flower girl dresses. The ideal traditional flower girl dress is fun, youthful and delicate.

Source by Arianna Jordan