Let’s make sure you choose the right face cream for the type of skin you have.  The best face cream for you will be right for your skin type and meet certain other qualifications. 

It needs to be formulated from the best essential oils and organic extracts.  It needs to be free of harmful chemicals. 

There are many jobs that skin creams can perform but basically we want it to clean, moisturize and smooth out wrinkles and other lines.  Whether you have dry skin and lines from too much exposure to the sun or as signs of aging, the right product will lessen these wrinkles.

With the constant development of new skin products and discoveries being made, the need for surgery and injections to have a youthful looking face just isn’t necessary.  Your face needs to be a source of pride and I want your skin to glow. 

Matching face cream to your skin type is important to make your skin happy.  If you have dry skin be sure to find the best face cream containing non allergenic ingredients with natural moisturizing oils. 

You also want organic compounds if your skin is oily.  However, your product should allow your face to maintain hydration while not clogging your pores.

The benefits you derive from a natural product is that it will nourish your skin.  It will hydrate and prevent dryness and cracking.  It is also a great base to apply your makeup on and it keeps skin toned and looking healthy. Always apply face cream to your face and neck.  Be careful to stay away from the area around your eyes as we don’t want your eyes to burn. 

The wrinkling around your eyes demands another product which is specifically designed for that area.  Try not to rub the cream, massage it.  Your facial skin is sensitive so let’s treat it with respect. 

The best-face cream is made from organic and natural products.  It will be free of fragrances and preservatives.  These are irritating and sometimes toxic.  You can dab on a perfume or herbal fragrant oil to a certain area of your face or neck rather than applying it in a cream all over your facial area. 

The bonus of using natural products is that they are safe, healthy and extremely effective.  You will probably not find them in the department stores as they aren’t heavily advertised and many times not well known.  This is because the manufacturer is spending budget money on research or on the ingredients.

I have done a great deal of research on these products and they are definitely the best consumer choices.

Source by Robin Newsome