Deal with Fat on Ankles

In this article I will explore the 4 proven methods to get rid of fat on ankles and feet. Puffy or swollen ankles are a very common problem amongst a lot of women and surprisingly many men. They have found their way into the main stream media after being given the nickname of ‘cankles’. Fat on ankles is called cankles as it looks like the calf comes down to touch the ankle giving it that swollen appearance, and the name cankles was born. Luckily for cankles sufferers there is a way to get rid of the dreaded cankles, once and for all.

1. Exercises to get rid of cankles

There are a number of different exercises that will help to tone the muscles in the area of the ankles and will help to give it a toned look and definition. Exercises such as ankles inversion and eversion with the resistance of a thera-band have proved to be best for toning the fat on ankles.

2. Diet and Nutrition

A fat loss diet will naturally help to get rid of fat on ankles as it will help you to lose fat all over the body. There are also some amazing diet tips that will help you to get rid of water retention in the body which will help reduce the fat around the ankle area.

3. Improve Circulation

Ankles appear fat or swollen when your blood circulation is poor. Techniques such as cold and hot water treatments on the ankles can help improve blood circulation and aid the body in stopping the blood pooling in the area of the ankle.

4. Over the counter supplements

Over the counter supplements will also help you in getting rid of what appears to be fat on ankles but what may actually be blood that is gathering in the ankles due to poor circulation. Ginkgo Bilbao is an over the counter supplement that will help combat this problem. It helps thin the blood and boast circulation.

Cankles are a very common infliction for most women these day and most women that have them are very insecure about them. Some women that have fat on ankles decide to cover their ankles up whenever possible and it can make a day at the beach turn into an embarrassing time for some. With the right exercise program and the right direction, cankles can become a long and distant memory.

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