Catherine Zeta-Jones. Teri Hatcher. Christie Brinkley. These beautiful celebrities are adored and admired by many people because of their good looks, beautiful skin, and fabulous body. But little do their fans know that behind these glamorous names are some of the most outrageous beauty secrets. If you don’t believe me, read on and see for yourself.

Wales-born actress Catherine Zeta-Jones’ first big screen role came in 1998 when she appeared with Antonio Banderas in “The Mask of Zorro.” But it was in “Chicago” where she showcased her dancing and singing skills that won for her the 2002 Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting role.

The wife of actor Michael Douglas, however, has a strange beauty secret: she brushes her teeth with crushed strawberries.

“I was told it is a natural teeth whitener and it really works for me. Anyway, strawberries taste better than most toothpastes,” she said.

But dentists are afraid that she might lose her pearly whites in the process. Dr. Irwin Smigel of New York City said strawberries are acidic and can damage teeth.

“The acids can wear away the enamel. People used to suck on lemons. You would get a clean feeling but it would wear away the enamel,” he said.

“Desperate Housewives” star Teri Hatcher knows how expensive good wine can be. That’s why she doesn’t throw leftovers away. Instead, the former love interest of Dean Cain’s character in the hit TV series “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” mixes it into her bath. She claims wine is a natural skin softener and exfoliant.

“Cleopatra occasionally washed her face with red wine. Apparently red wine contains alpha hydroxy acids. It may also contain antioxidants,” said dermatologist Dr. Marsha Gordon.

While wine may be good for the skin, experts say milk does a better job and is cheaper too.

We don’t know if supermodel Christie Brinkley, who has appeared in over 500 magazine covers around the world, is fond of cats. But we can’t understand why she uses kitty litter to keep her face clean.

The former wife of musician Billy Joel, who has modeled for Cover Girl and Sports Illustrated, claims kitty litter is a nice exfoliant. But dermatologist Dr. John Romano is baffled by Brinkley’s odd choice, considering that anything can be used for this purpose.

“An exfoliant helps slough off dead skin cells. A washcloth is an exfoliator. Anything can help,” he said.

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Source by Sharon Bell