Colleges for health and beauty in India

The course and the education provided in the colleges of India are many and vary according to interests and the needs of the particular area. The students see that the course they choose, matches their interest and the present demands of the society. Health is the most important thing that a person needs to take care of. It is the basis on which a person is able to lead a happy life. Health problems and issues have always been the concern of people and health professionals are always in demand. Courses in health and beauty, generally grab the attention of a large number of students, because of the increasing jobs in the healthcare industry.

Courses in health and beauty are becoming popular day by day. The students are getting aware of the new course coming up, and are thus opting for the course. Almost, every person today, is conscious about his health and wants to adopt measures, which can add on to his life years. The beauty treatments and the ailments given by the experts to the patients needs proper training and education. This training and education sessions are provided to the students in the colleges imparting courses in health and beauty. There are many institutes for health and beauty in India. Few of the main institutes are listed below:

v     Eves beauty and Hair Academy, New Delhi

v     Shahnaz Hussain International Beauty Academy, New Delhi

v     VLCC Institute of Beauty, Health and Management, New Delhi

v     V. Care’s Global Institute of Health Sciences, Chennai

v     Community Polytechnic, Kapurthala

v     International Polytechnic for Women, New Delhi

v     New Institute of Fashion Design, Gorakhpur

v     Regional Vocational Training Institute (R.V.T.I.) for Women, Mumbai

v     Academy of Hair Styling, Mumbai

v     Government Polytechnic for Women, Chennai

Health and beauty courses in India can vary from the course of a beautician to the course for make- up artists. Few of the courses, which a student can opt for a career in health and beauty, are:

  • Make- up artists
  • Beauticians
  • Bridal make- up artists
  • Dieticians
  • Costemotologist
  • Hair stylist
  • Cosmetic Dentists

The specialisation to choose depends on the interest of the student and which particular area he wants his career to flourish in. If the student gets fascinated by the make up and beauty tips, then after taking courses in the same, he can opt for career as a make up artists or beautician. Cosmetic surgery is a field, which is coming up in a great way these days. People are opting for cosmetic surgeries, to make themselves look more appealing and attractive. The business of cosmetic surgeons is touching heights, because of the increasing awareness of this technology in the common man. To meet the increasing demand of the surgeons in this field, the health and beauty colleges in India, have also started imparting education on cosmetics and its surgeries to the students. There are very less good surgeons in this field, so the colleges of India, needs to improve its educational quality in this sector, to cater the target audience in a proper way.

One more thing, which is very important in contributing a healthy life to the people, is the diet which they take. Healthy diet is an essential part of the daily routine, which helps the person in shaping a good life for himself. Course of a dietician is coming into notice and role of dieticians is increasing in hospitals and nursing centres, people prefer taking diet plans, from professionals to ensure a healthy lifestyle. The courses in the health and beauty are producing more jobs in the country and in a way also leading the country to a healthier and a progressive one.

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