Boundless Beauty

Have you ever met someone with a magnetic personality, a character that you literally have to prise yourself away from, because you were having a ball bathing in their energy field? That person has the ability to uplift spirits, nourish hope and optimism and with their words and energy alone, elevate you to a higher vibrational reality.

Now look closer again, that person you had in mind, now take away their personality and charisma, and imagine them with a very plain expression on their face. Now ask yourself, do you still find them attractive and the demi god/dess they once were when they were shinning?

You see, what that magnetic person has is Electromagnetic Radiation, in other words Light, Energy, Love, Vibrancy, Enthusiasm and Boundless Passion. Lets turn towards science for a moment, to have a closer look at what’s going on here. This attractiveness is an energy called Harmonious Electro Magnetic Radiation. This force and what we consider to be physical beauty are closely aligned.

Are you aware that all physical beauty is, is symmetry. When a human being perceives a symmetrical face and features, its image is so pleasing to the brain, with its symmetrical perfected ness, we instantly establish that person as beautiful. It makes me laugh out loud!

All the money we spend on beauty products and treatments, its all for nothing. If your face is not perfectly symmetrical you will never be considered beautiful on this planet.

HOWEVER, what I am interested in and eager to share with you is the passion that comes from within, that light that permeates through the eyes; that elevated state of sheer happiness and expansion that is experienced when engaged with a person that has “it”.

So this is what this 4th article is going to cover this month. RAW BEAUTY, its coming from inside, and it is so powerful that it outshines physical beauty hands down.

Raw Beauty is an acheivemenet, to attain it there are certain things you must do. To become a beautiful person you have to become that type of person on the inside first. Creating an attractive state of physiology, mental and emotional poise and spritual presence all results from consistent actions.

The face truly is a canvas upon which our food choices paint an accurate picture.

Take a moment now to to imagine the idealised image of yourself. Get a clear picture of the outstanding potencial within you. Could such a godlike ideal be reached by junk food? Only the most vibrant, most colourful, most juicy raw plant foods will deliver that reality.
The Beautifying Foods

So to summarise over all three previous articles that I have written for Yoga Magazine; the raw living lifestyles main theme is that physical beauty is the result of internal cleanliness. We are looking to create healthy skin, hair, nails and internal connective tissue elastically-grown from ideal raw foods containing high concentrations of the minerals; sulphur, silicon, zinc, iron and magnesium. We are looking to maintain the ideal acid/alkaline pH balance in the body and become parasite-free by eating foods and herbs that flush out these elements. We are also looking to gain wisdom on the raw anti-oxidant compounds and foods that help delay or slow free radical damage to cells and tissues (creating everlasting youth!) and also to discover raw natural anti-inflammatory foods that prevent or reverse facial puffiness and bloated ness.

Aloe Vera

Legend has it that Cleopatra attributed her great beauty to the practise of massaging fresh aloe vera onto her skin each day. Fresh aloe vera gel, when applied to the skin, assists in the healing of burns and sunburn. This is because of its high concentration of MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane).

It’s helpful with dry skin conditions. When rubbed onto the face it provides a “facelift” within 30 minutes, as the skin is gently pulled tighter with more firmness.

Select an aloe vera that is juicy and plump with gel. Slice the leaf to expose the healing inner gel, you may then eat or use as a lotion.


Rocket is highly alkaline and nuetralises acidic waste products throughout the blood and lymphatic system. This green leaf is huge in Vitamin A. This means it protects the skin from the sun, and all types of infections and imbalances (acne, spots, rashes etc). Because of its high sulpher content, rocket is an excellent internal skin cleanser and liver purifier.

Young Coconuts

These guys are the greatest gifts on the planet! It is considered that no matter what you have done to your body, however you have mistreated it, fresh young coconuts and coconut oil can save your life. Clear coconut water is one of the highest sources of electrolytes found in nature. Young coconut water is identical to human blood plasma. Plasma makes up 55% of human blood. The other 45% of our blood consists of hemoglobin – which is essentially transformed plant blood (chlorophyll). When we consume a drink consisting of 55% fresh coconut water and 45% fresh green leaf juice we give ourselves an instant blood transfusion!

Repairing and nourishing the skin with coconut oil should be approached by both eating coconut oil and massaging it into the skin. Consuming coconut oil regularly restores the thyroid function, relieving hypothyroidism, and actually increases the metabolic rate leading to weight loss.


Cucumbers have the reputation as the best kidney cleanser ever known. They are a diuretic; thus, they prevent bloating due to water retention, and they help wash the kidneys and bladder of debris and stones. Because of the shininess of their skin, this indicates the presence of silicon. So the best way is to buy organic ones and to eat the skins and enjoy the benefits of the beautifying silicon compounds and chlorophyll present there.


I am still yet to see or taste one – but from my research I must include it here as it seems to me Durian is the King of Raw Plant Foods.

Durian contains high levels of tryptophan. This is an amino acid and a tryptamine (similar to serotonin, melatonin, and DMT). Tryptophan works by raising serotonin levels in the brain. When this happens a euphoric feeling is experienced and nerve passages relax and the nervous system begins to function at optimum levels again. Therefore, it’s great for nervous, depressed and anxious people. Durian is also one of the highest concentrations of protein of any fruit, making it an excellent muscle builder. Durian is usually found in Asian markets in frozen or fresh form. But to be honest – I am still looking. It is in abundance throughout all of Asia.


Figs are a densely mineralized sweet fruit and they contain one of the highest concentrations of calcium of any food. As you may well of already discovered, they are a fantastic laxative too! Their tiny seeds are packed with nutrients that help draw out and dissolve waste and mucus from the intestines. They are the healthiest choice of dried fruits, and the most alkaline.

Hemp Seeds

Shelled hemp seeds consist of 36.6% protein, making them, by far the highest protein plant food on Earth. This makes hemp seeds uniquely beautifying, by being softly, yet quickly, nourishing and strength building. Hemp seeds also contain amazing quantities of amino acids used to build strong hair, nails, skin, muscle and connective tissue.

Hemp seeds are the only food known that contain the exact ratio of essential fatty acids (one part omega 3 to three parts Omega 6). These are strong anti –oxidants, which protect us from the sun and build beautiful skin. They also strengthen the immune system and help us burn excess fat.

Turmeric is well renowned as nature’s internal cosmetic. It displays strong anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer and anti-microbial characteristics. Turmeric is a first class blood purifier. It stimulates the liver, increases red blood cell formation, inhibits red blood cell clumping, and increases circulation.

Turmeric makes the skin soft, supple, and smooth. Beautiful skin results from pure blood. It brings color to pale skin, and adds juiciness to dry skin. It affects the complexion as profoundly as any food. In the art of radiant beauty, these kinds of results are a sure sign that food really does affect us.

I really could continue to keep adding to the list of beauty foods, but I must capture in essence that “it” factor once again. Your true beauty comes from within; no matter what methods you use to beautify your body on the outside. If your heart is heavy and your mind cruel, it will discolour your aura for all to see.

I truly believe that a person radiates endless beauty when they smile, and laughter is an expression of that. Forget the symmetry; turn your attention to that which uplifts your day when some stranger or friend smiles at you. There is your beauty.

Hold steady to the idealized version of yourself and watch what you put in your mouth!

Eat like a Goddess, Feast like a King. Never ever settle for foods that will diminish your radiance and leech your lusciousness.

Next Month we will continue the raw food journey into my Beauty Recipies and Menu Plans! So it all becomes clear and easy to follow and more importantly – the ignition to BEGIN!

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