Bordered Carpet: Beauty Beyond Border

The use of carpets dates back to the nomadic period. Since then carpet has undergone immense change and we are in the age of bordered carpet now. Initially carpets were woven and used to protect the body from cold. Those days it was more like a rug than a carpet. Gradually the use of carpet extended to spreading on a dais or before a seat of honour, to cover a table, couch, or wall, or to form the curtains of a tent. As time passed by, a passion for decorating the carpets developed. Bordered carpets are an outcome of it.

Nowadays, carpets are an integral part of a household. Staircases, floors, corridors, etc. are covered with cute looking carpets to give the house a smart look. They glamorize the house and help create a gorgeous atmosphere in it. The flashy design, fluorescent colour and level of comfort of carpets attract the attention of any onlooker. A very dull looking house can be given an impressive look by putting some bordered carpet in it.

There is plenty of variety in design and quality of carpets now. Similar variety is there in bordered carpet too. From the simplest to the most complicated, borders are used in carpets in various ways. If sometimes simplicity becomes the best style statement, complicated works receive endless admiration at others. Sometimes, the beauty of fabric or tapestry border carpets also seems to be unsurpassable.

Simple bordered carpets are generally used in pairs. Putting two matching border rugs can make a room more graceful and inviting. Southwest feel border carpets make a good design statement while cut corner border rugs help with traffic pattern. Borders matched with sofa and pillow are in vogue style now. Softly shaped bordered carpets look different from the straight one and add elegance. No matter, what type you choose, bordered carpets are sure to add elegance to your home or office.

Source by Carina Jacqueline

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